How To Play Topspin In Table Tennis (DIY Project Download)

When playing topspin strokes, you can contact the ball at several points along its path to produce varying amounts of spin and speed. For maximum spin, contact the ball as it descends. However, sidespin is usually imparted in addition to topspin OR backspin. That means, most strokes played with sidespin will either be topspin & sidespin combined, OR backspin & sidespin combined. MASTER YOUR TABLE TENNIS TECHNIQUE (3): TOP SPIN, DOWN SPIN, & SIDE SPIN. One of the biggest differences between the casual and competitive table tennis player is the ability to execute the spin shot.

Important areas to think about when playing a forehand topspin against a block:. In ball sports, topspin is a property of a ball that rotates forwards as it is moving. Topspin on a ball propelled through the air imparts a downward force that causes the ball to drop, due to its interaction with the air (see Magnus effect). For example, a player may hit three topspin shots crosscourt, and then on the fourth shot hit a flat ball or a slice down the line to set him/herself up to win the point. In table tennis the best defense for a top spin loop is a block close to the table which involves a firm fixation of the paddle and a slight movement forwards with an angle less than 90 degrees. Table Tennis Basic Strokes – The Forehand Topspin Serve. The bat is held ready just behind the free hand, with the playing elbow bent at around 90 degrees.

Join table tennis superstar Michael Maze as he teaches you how to hitfamous backhand topspin in ITTF’s how to play table tennis series! I presume you must already be knowing how to play the forehand topspin. It’s one of the basic shots you learn when you start out to play table tennis. Welcome to the TopSpin Table Tennis Club website. Table tennis is a great sport for fitness, from the casual player to those interested in heated competition.

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