How To Put Up Window Boxes (DIY Project Download)

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And if your green thumb is a bit out of shape, don’t worry. This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook gives his top tips for preparing, planting and maintaining window boxes. So take the afternoon off, roll up your sleeves and put up a window box or two. Hanging window boxes can be tricky if your house is covered in vinyl siding. To hang window boxes in the most common way, you would have to put holes through th See more about Vinyl Siding, Window Boxes and Vinyls. Window boxes are a common way to display flowers or grow vegetables when you’ve got a lack of garden space. Traditionally, window boxes are nailed or screwed right into the siding of a house, but.

how to put up window boxes 2Got vinyl siding? Then you’ve come to the right place for learning how to hang a window box planter on your home exterior. Easy, affordable and versatile, container gardening is definitely one of our favorite DIY tips for increasing curb appeal. DEAR TIM: My wife wants me to install a window box or flower box, depending on what you call them. I’m pretty sure that if I’m successful, I’ll be installing a few more. The boxes, when full of potting soil, plants and watered are pretty heavy. And we’ll definitely put up with the attendant screw holes, saw dust, and noise pollution if mounting a window box against a wall is our only option. But let’s say you have a balcony and can hang brackets for a window box over the railing.

How to Hang Window Boxes on Vinyl Siding – An installation guide from the biggest and best window box manufacturer and supplier – Hooks & Lattice. When it comes to installing window boxes, there are a number of different choices. Since windows vary greatly in size, it’s important to measure the dimensions of your particular window before moving forward. If your windows are a fairly standard size, there are many do-it-yourself kits that are simple to assemble and mount. They might have other reasons for not allowing window boxes, like the possibility of them falling and being a liability issue. Reply Flag.

Installing Window Boxes On Vinyl Siding

how to put up window boxes 3Shop our selection of Window Boxes in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot. I love this window box so much I bought a second one for a garage window. Very sturdy, easy to attach and looks so classy. Rest the box on the supports and screw the bottom to the brackets. Always mount the box before you plant. Put plants in a plastic or metal liner that fits inside the box. With this method, you can rotate liners and add fresh plants when current plantings pass their prime. My goal today is to show you how you too, can create a magazine-worthy window box. This is a full-blown tutorial filled with planting tips, hang on! Is there something I could hang from the inside of the window which drapes over the edge of the sill and I can still close the windows and lock them? That would be perfect and removable as well without damaging the siding. Allow the sweet potato plants to hang out of the box so that the greens get all the space to spread their crowns. Q. We will be building a window box to mount on a deck rail. How much drainage should be provided? The box will be exposed to whatever rain comes along. Thanks,—Vic in Media, PAA. The answer is a lot, Vic. Although window boxes do differ from other containers in a few ways (which we will explore shortly), their basic need for excellent drainage is the same.

How To Hang Window Boxes On Vinyl Siding

Create window boxes that add beauty to your home, garage, or shed with these easy plant-by-number ideas. Bonus: Light colors such as silver and white show up best at night, and seem to glow at dusk so you can enjoy them longer into the night. A. Artemisia ‘Silver Broacade’ — 2 B. For an outstanding all-put-together look, use the same plantings on your deck as you do beneath your windows. Your friends will love your creativity. A window box is a quick way to give your balcony a fresh and floral look. It’s a fun job to do, and you’ll be able to enjoy the results all season long. The Griffith Creek Designs Nelumbo Rectangular Window Box Planter is quite a practical window planter thanks to the presence of knockouts for easy surface installation. The black-finish metal frame is treated with rust and UV light inhibitors. Design a window box Gardening Guides from BBC Gardening. Known as crocks, this layer prevents the drainage holes becoming clogged up with compost and the soil from falling out. Or you can use broken up polystyrene packaging.