How To Recover A Square Ottoman (DIY Project Download)

I have a very square chair I want to recover, now I have inspiration! Draw a square of the appropriate dimensions on the fabric with the fabric pencil. Place the ottoman cushion in the center the traced square, upside-down. How to reupholster an ottoman in six easy steps. This is a quick and easy way to freshen any space. I got a new ottoman in a couple of hours for under 5!.

how to recover a square ottoman 2Taking on a reupholstery job isn’t easy, but we did it and are showing you how to reupholster an ottoman! Mistakes included! I already have the fabric that the ottoman is covered in to recover a chair. If you’ve got a boring old ottoman hanging around, or if, like me, if you happen to find one of those plain cubes on sale, it’s easy to recover with a custom slip cover.

This project covers a square or rectangular ottoman. No matter if your ottoman sits right on the floor or has little legs, this design covers the entire ottoman, from the seat top down to the floor. Breathe new life into an old ottoman with new fabric! This two hour project is great for beginners. Come check out the transformation! Ottoman makeover, reupholster a storage ottoman. What I just realized is that they were not square yards, my fabric was 54 inches wide.

How To Reupholster An Ottoman

how to recover a square ottoman 3So my new plan was to reupholster it in the matching chartreuse suede, and to flip the base of the ottoman upside down, to use as a storage chest. I acquired some big square ottomans when I bought two wing backs last year. Today I found a large square ottoman at a thrift store for 10. I share my adventures recovering an ottoman – what worked and what did not!. Then, last year, at the Habitat Resale store, I found a perfect square ottoman. Storage ottoman cube – Ottomans not only offers a comfortable footrest, double as extra seating and evens a convenient place to put a tray of tea. For example, if your ottoman measures 13 square inches on top and 18 inches tall, his final measurements are 14 inches and 19 inches. How much fabric do you need to recover a 40×40 square ottoman?

Sewing A Slipcover For An Ottoman

My DIY tufted ottoman remains the most popular post on my blog and the biggest traffic booster from Pinterest (so crazy to think that I wrote that post in my first month of blogging). A couple of notes: if you have an ottoman to recover that doesn’t have nail head trim that you want to leave exposed, then you can, of course, carry your fabric all the way down to the edge of the wood before hiding it with the trim. Powered by Iconosquare. While I was add it I recovered my older son’s ottoman (it had been previously covered in drop cloth) and painted the legs to give a more cohesive look to the room.