How To Recover An Old Ottoman (DIY Project Download)

An easy, no-sew way to recover a storage ottoman! You have inspired me, to fetch my ottoman from the garage, yes 10 years been sitting with old stained and now torn cover, had no idea where to start ottoman. I removed the old weltingsaving the cordand left everything else intact. DIY Reupholstered Ottoman (and all the mistakes along the way).

how to recover an old ottoman 2The only problem is, they all cost way more than I am willing to pay! I decided to make my own using an old ottoman I found for 20! Supplies:. Often, the fabric covering an ottoman can wear out long before the more durable structure of wood and metal. This simple and very practical for the ottomans covered with a touch of stretch is a super flexible and very versatile. Full step by step tutorial to show you how to recover an old ottoman with a slip cover that can be easily removed for washing.

Many people have an old ottoman sitting around in their den or living room for its great function, but often, that same (boring) ottoman wouldn’t win a design award. Steph is a 30 year old stay at home mom, wife, decorator, doula, wedding coordinator and a deal-aholic. So Maddy my two year old is going through a stage where she thinks the house is her canvas. Although I’m all about encouraging her creativity I’m not happy about her getting creative all over the furniture.

Diy Tufted Ottoman Fabric Recover Tutorial

If you’ve got a boring old ottoman hanging around, or if, like me, if you happen to find one of those plain cubes on sale, it’s easy to recover with a custom slip cover. Take an old shabby or torn ottoman and make this no sew ottoman cover. Well, I also used that giant floral to recover my ottoman for my basement rec room. In this video tutorial we will show all the steps required to reupholster an ottoman. This old cover on this ottoman is worn out and needs to be replaced. You could recover buttons for a jacket to add some sass, or even to make a cute buttoned bow for your little girl. I then took off the nasty leather upholstery and took the ottoman apart. Hmm, makes me want to keep an eye out the next time I see an old piece of furniture. -Old ottoman or coffee table to recover (wood top is ideal, to ensure easy stapling. Wood or metal legs would both look great for this project!).

Sewing A Slipcover For An Ottoman