How To Recover An Ottoman With Fabric (DIY Project Download)

How to reupholster an ottoman in six easy steps. This is a quick and easy way to freshen any space. I laid my fabric wrong side up on top of the cushion. I wanted a very neat, fitted look, so I pinned the corners of the fabric to sew. Often, the fabric covering an ottoman can wear out long before the more durable structure of wood and metal. Years of use as a footstool, pet bed and child’s fort base can easily render the. How to Recover an Ottoman Video. We will spruce it up with a great decorative fabric from Sailrite.

how to recover an ottoman with fabric 2So here we go. How recover and tuft an ottoman. You will need: A good staple gun and staples. Flathead screwdriver. Fabric. Foam 2- 3 thick. To recover this ottoman we sewed together a cover that would fit snugly around the foam and then stapled it securely to the ottoman’s base. Since our ottoman was relatively small, we chose a fabric with a small-scale design to better fit the piece. After recently recovering our kitchen chairs, I found myself with extra fabric and decided to see what I might be able to do with this little ottoman.

I recently recovered an ottoman that a neighbor was going to throw out. Ottoman Reupholster pin fabric corners. Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Well, I also used that giant floral to recover my ottoman for my basement rec room. I draped the fabric over the ottoman and cut it to the right length. My DIY tufted ottoman remains the most popular post on my blog and the biggest traffic booster from Pinterest (so crazy to think that I wrote that post in my first month of blogging).

The Modest Homestead: How To Recover And Tuft An Ottoman

how to recover an ottoman with fabric 3It was time to reupholster. Remove the current fabric from your ottoman. Prepare yourself, this will be a long process. Center the uncovered ottoman upside down on the fabric. Ottoman makeover, reupholster a storage ottoman. I contemplated selling the ottoman but to buy a lighter fabric ottoman would cost more so I decided to try reupholstering it. Why would one order outdoor fabric for inside? Great question! First, our big beast, Lucy, lays on this ottoman with us while we watch TV. Reupholstering a thrift shop ottoman and sewing new pillow covers for the One Item Project Challenge fabric edition.

How To Reupholster An Ottoman For Your Small Space