How To Refinish A Table Top Veneer (DIY Project Download)

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With a light hand to avoid sanding too deep, a refinished veneer table looks as good as new. Sand the tabletop by hand using a fine-grit sanding sponge or sandpaper and a sanding block, working in the same direction that the wood grain runs. If this is one of those table tops with veneer the thickness of a whisper, I’d be very careful. Nursery Progress: How To Refinish A Veneer Dresser Young House Love. This post is a bit of a two-fer, since it not only details how to stain any wooden or veneered piece of furniture but also touches on how to paint anything that’s wood or veneer since we did a two-toned treatment on a dresser that we hunted down on the cheap. See, the plan had always been to stain the dresser and paint the top a glossy white ever since we got our two toned crib and loved the look.

how to refinish a table top veneer 2I am restoring a tiger oak dining room set. I know I will have to replace some of the missing veneer on the table top, but I also have large patches of ripples in the veneer. Hi /r/woodworking! I’m doing a refinish job on one of my mom’s friend’s dining tables. Its an old piece, that uses this quartersawn oak veneer on. We inherited the table about 7 years ago and I finally convinced the wife it needed refinishing, here’s how it went. Much like others have suggested, new veneer would be great and cheap, but would no longer match ur charred finish on the legs and pedestal.

Veneer is often used on table tops and other horizontal surfaces. The veneer on this newer table was beautiful, but it was so thin, it was difficult to sand when the customer wanted it refinished.

How To Repair Ripples In Veneer On Table Top

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Veneer Is Not A Bad It’s Bad Veneer