How To Refinish A Teak Wood Table Top (DIY Project Download)

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Q: We have a teak mid-century Danish modern dining table. Top Posts. As a teak coffee table ages, it may lose some of the original luster that made it such an attractive feature. Refinishing teak involves removing a lot of the top layer of wood, so you will need to perform a lot of sanding for this to work. Furniture designer and antique restoration expert Caitlin Long of The Shingled House shows us how to shore up a sink and bath with teak surrounds. Above: Like the wood on a boat, teak surrounds need to be stripped and resealed periodically.

how to refinish a teak wood table top 2Teak furniture is consistently one of the most expensive types of wooden furniture on the market, due to its durability, beauty, and the length of time it can take before trees are mature enough for harvesting. For teak tables, consumers should disassemble any parts that come apart, like the legs, top, or any inserts. I bought a Vejle Mobelfabrik teak veneer dining table off of Craigslist. The main table top was in a pretty shabby condition so I set out to refinish it. Hi All – I just inherited a Danish teak dining table that needs some attention. The leaves have a pretty good film finish on them, and the frame and legs look good, but the main table top needs work.

I’m using Danish Oil to refinish a teak dining table (probably from Dania). It has two extension leaves, one on each end. Others suggest a top coat of polyurethane. This is a dining table that will be used for food and small children will use it (so it will need to take some abuse). Refinishing teak requires sanding to remove the aged surface of the wood before applying a protective teak oil finish that enhances the wood’s natural luster. The best place to clean teakwood furniture is outdoors on a concrete patio or driveway. I was given a Danish design, Teak Dining room table. The top has a burn mark that is about 1 mm-2 mm deep. The finish is a bit marred elsewere, but all in all the table is in good shape.

How To Refinish Mid-centruy Teak Furniture

Q. I have a teak wood table and it has a water mark on it I have read different ways to remove it. You cannot refinish one little corner — two different finishes never match. Q. We have water stains on top of thin Oak membrane on fibre board. At one point we switched over to a teak protector that Smith & Hawken offered. Instead, I felt we could restore the wood of the tabletop to something a whole lot nicer. Cleaning Up and Refinishing an Antique Heart Pine Floor – Old Town Home. A great deal of MCM furniture was constructed of teak, walnut or rosewood and those pieces are my first love. At some point someone had stripped the top and the inserts, but not the base. Hi, I just purchased a used Danish-style indoor teak dining table. It is solid teak and probably about 20 years old. It has no obvious finish on it. I recently purchased a mid century modern teak dining table with leaves. I would appreciate any expertise on the subject of a teak dining table (indoor). The table is about 35 years old and I stripped it down using a chemical furniture stripper.

Refinishing Teak Dining Table

Question I need advice on how to finish solid teak exterior doors and a dining room table top. But for exterior use, I would use something that you could refinish. Apply some teak oil to the surface allowing the wood to soak it up for about a half an hour, then wipe off the excess and repeat letting the oil sit on the surface for about 20 minutes. I will show you how I restored a set of 3 teak occasional/ coffee tables, but this is really more of a guide of how to restore any wooden furniture. It may only need a good scrubbing with soap and water and some polishing instead of sanding and refinishing. It also seems that the table top is a veneer instead of solid wood, which can be refreshed a bit but some issues like deep scratches are never going to truly go away. Using either the Watco Teak Oil or Danish Oil, soak a rag and rub the entire piece down.

Cool refinish a teak dining table are a necessity in most houses that prepare meals for the occupants. Thus, it really is vital to have modern refinish a teak dining table which are of fashion and high quality to befit the space for aesthetics, usage and relaxation. I have a somewhat ‘old’ teak dining room table. The table is in pretty decent shape, but the surface of the tabletop is in need of some restoration. Most teak furniture is naturally finished, meaning that the teakwood is sanded down to a smooth feel with fine grit sandpaper. This type of teak refinishing takes a deeper penetration and gets into the pours of the wood. Stubborn stains like coffee or red wine can be removed by a light sanding of the very top layer of your teak furniture.