How To Refinish Cherry Cabinets (DIY Project Download)

I refinish furniture as a hobby, and even I found the work a little daunting. Good luck. My kitchen has these great cherry cabinets but they are showing their age in spots. It’s difficult enough for a professional finisher with a lot of supplies to refinish part of a job and have it match. I have wanted white kitchen cabinets for FOREVER. But all three of the houses that we’ve owned, all came with dark cherry kitchen cabinets.

how to refinish cherry cabinets 2This Cabinet Transformations kit approaches refinishing differently than the traditional method of strip + sand + prime + paint + protect. Kate! I have always wanted white cabinets but somehow got talked into cherry-stained maple cabinets when we built. Find Cabinet Refinishing Contractors in Ann Arbor, MI to help you Refinish Already Installed Cabinets. Comment: natural cherry cabinets custom built need refinishing. Cherry Hill Painting has been refinishing cabinets since 1968.

The first step in preparing to refinish a wood countertop is to assemble the right tools. Your three most important tools will be a cabinet scraper, a random orbital sander and a HEPA tool-activated vacuum cleaner attached to your sander.

A New Solution For Transforming Your Cabinets

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Refinishing A Cherry Wood Countertop