How To Refinish Veneer Speaker Cabinets (DIY Project Download)

I’m interested in refinishing a pair of large advent speakers that have very thin veneer that is stained walnut. What’s the easiest way to do this? Old speaker cabinets are frequently covered with Walnut veneer. This creates some limits to what can be restored, as the veneer measures usually only a few mm. Most speakers, like the Thiel, are veneered, so you may be out of luck.

how to refinish veneer speaker cabinets 2Newbie here – advice sought re speaker enclosure refinishing. Get everything down to bare wood if possible, any missing veneer can be repaired with a burn in stick and simple touch up techniques. Decided to sand out scratches and refinish veneer on a pair of speakers. So I hand sanded (220 grit) trying to avoid sanding through veneer. Sand and refinish old speaker cabinets so that they look brand new after a couple hours worth of work. Your local home improvement store has all the supplies you need. Refinishing veneer kitchen cabinets.

Refinishing Heresy Cabinets – posted in General Klipsch Questions & Info: I need to refinish the cabinets on my Heresys and would like a little info. I believe I heard once that they are birch plywood construction with a wood veneer. Keep the stripper off the black speaker board – it will make a nasty mark instantly. How to refinish speakers – posted in General Klipsch Questions & Info: I picked up a used pair of Heresys and would like to refinish them. Go easy with sanding–the veneers are not too thin, but you can overdo it–I used a polyurethane stain finish after one coat of wood treatment. I would appreciate any help on what I can do to refinish the cabinets. Next step is refinishing the cabinets & grills. The veneer is in good shape except for a few deep scratches which is no problem. My question is what would be the best way to refinish these? Due to angles of veneer on the grills and some fake painted veneer on the plastic parts of the grill, the grills will be hard to sand.

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how to refinish veneer speaker cabinets 3That’s the two most commone problems wih old Advnet speakers. I have four, but they’re in the Vinyl-clad unitilty cabinets, nothte walnut veneer. The cab either gets new veneer all around or I repair (fill in) the missing sections. OR I completely remove the veneer and refinish the walnut underneath. If the speaker cabinet is covered with wood veneer and it is scratched, it can be refinished just like any other piece of furniture. Sand the existing finish, being careful not to sand through the veneer. Really,i dont get it at all,what does a black speaker have to offer that a cherry speaker dont,unless a living room is done in all black laquer(pretty tacky lookin) why wont a cherry finish fit the decor. My advice would be to either live with the finish you have now or to sell your speakers & use the proceeds twords a pair with a finish that you want,there is no cheap/lasting process to change a finish of a speaker, unless your skilled in cabinet refinishing yourself,then you can go over the old veneer with your chosen veneer. When I restore a radio cabinet, where possible, I keep the original veneer intact. The final sanding of the veneer. The cabinet ready for the speaker baffle board and the chassis. Hi all, Im hoping that the wealth of expertise here will yield some advice for me. I have a couple of sets of speaker cabinets that Id like to re-finish.

Refinishing Heresy Cabinets

Our cabinets are in great condition but dark and not our style. Penned By Jenn September 21, 2015 I recently refinished a gorgeous midcentury stereo cabinet that is solid wood, all covered in veneer except for the framing details and speaker slats which were solid wood with no veneer. I’m repairing some Proac speakers with their basic ‘Black Ash’ finish. The veneer had lots of scratches so I tried using scratch repair wax (crayons). I can tell the original finish was sprayed on because of the overspray on the inside of the cabinet, but does anyone have any idea what they sprayed on? I have done striking finishes by: sanding the wood smooth (no more than 220 -320) and PAINTING the wood black, then sanding to re-expose the pores while leaving the pores blackened. I want to refinish my new to me vintage speakers with a high gloss paint. The plywood veneer has a few nicks and scratches, one very noticable. How to clean/ polish rosewood finished speaker cabinets. Can some kind person advise me what polish/ cleaning agent to use on rosewood veneer? If they start to look ‘dry’ in the future, just wipe over with IPA and refinish with Danish Oil again.

Oil will feed the veneer, help prevent flaking and enrich the colour tone and depth. Question; Can I apply the Linseed oil and beeswax treatment to my 40 year old IMF TLS50 speakers without first sanding them down. Has anyone had a cabinet maker do something like this for them? The cabinets I think are a layered composite material. They have a walnut veneer. I need to strip and refinish the veneer, the veneer is in really good shape.