How To Remove A Drawer From A Filing Cabinet (DIY Project Download)

I need to remove a drawer from a filing cabinet but can’t figure out how to release the runner. Thanks in advance for any help. If you need to remove a drawer from your unit, these instructions should help. For your safety, please make sure the drawer is unloaded and take care while removing the drawer, as this can be awkward until practised. If you need to move a filing cabinet, or if you simply want to clean the inside of the unit, you’ll need to remove the solid metal or wood drawers. Filing drawers do not simply slide out like a standard drawer.

how to remove a drawer from a filing cabinet 2While many multi-drawer file cabinets are built for quick disassembly, Hon lateral file cabinets are not engineered for easy or accidental drawer removal. Old 12-05-2007, 17:54. stevenoon. Forum Member. Join Date: May 2004. Posts: 1,617. Does anyone know how to remove drawers from a filing cabinet? I have a Teknion 2 drawer vertical file cabinet. I am trying to remove the drawers for easier transport. But I could not find instructions anywhere.

At some point, you’ll probably find some reason to remove the drawers from a cabinet, dresser, or similar piece of furniture. Light to moderate weight drawers can usually be removed by one person, but if you plan to remove loaded filing cabinet drawers or other heavy drawers, it will be safer to work with at least one other person. Hello Rupertx I could not find any information specific to Triumph cabinets. Most filing drawers are released the same way,,, pull the drawer out almost to the limit, look at the slide rail near the end, or run your fingers in on top of the slide rail, there is usually a trip lever there that will release the slide so the drawer can be removed. Lock And File Drawer Information For Sentry Fire Files. Technical Support for file cabinet drawers IMPORTANT: Your Sentry Fireproof fire file has a limit to the maximum recommended weight per drawer. Pulling straight up, remove the damaged drawer head.

How To Remove A Hon File Cabinet Drawer

First you need to remove the hardware for the drawers. I have an Ostaline 2 drawer grey metal filing cabinet, I need to remove the drawers to make some mods to the case. Does anyone know if there is a little catch or toggle that releases the slide to remove drawers. HOW TO REMOVE A VERTICAL FILE DRAWER-with ball bearings open up drawer all the way-work from top drawer down-look inside about 3-4 in. How do I remove a lock from a file cabinet May 2, 2007 6:06 PM Subscribe. I did this a few weeks ago and just banged the lock into the case (the lock was in a little oval cylinder, the linkage to the drawers gave way, and the whole cylinder just fell into the interior.

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