How To Remove A Wooden Playset (DIY Project Download)

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Wooden Swing Set – Cut the frame into small pieces. Remove the swings, the slide, the monkey bars and anything else that is used to swing, slide or climb. Step-by-Step Instructions for Disassembling an Outdoor Play Set:. Now back to the swing set to see hubby and Cole have removed the giant 10 foot high swing beam. I own my own business installing & moving wooden swing sets all over New England & having been doing it for 15 years.

how to remove a wooden playset 2Whatever the reason, if you need to dismantle a kids outdoor playset, it’s best to be in-the-know about how to take apart a swing set before you haul out the trusty toolbox. We’ve been thinking about finding a buying a wooden swingset off of craigslist, but i’m concerned about the logistics of actually taking one down and. Professional Playground & Swingset Removal. Award-Winning Service. Always free estimates. See photos of our work!

Just purchased one of those wooden playsets for my child not looking forward to the hours of assembling it but before that I need some advice on preparing the area it will sit on. It’s not nessacary to remove the grass, but would make it a tad easier in the end. For families wondering if they can move their child’s beloved swing set or playset, the answer is ‘yes. You risk breaking boards if trying to remove the playset when it’s frozen. IT’ PAGES Eat It: Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich from Browndog Creamery in Northville, Make It: Vintage Wooden Toy Tote. We have an old metal swingset that is no longer used and needs to be removed from our back yard. It might be worth something for someone who buys/sells scrap metal.

How To Take Apart A Swing Set

ffxiv woodworking bench 3How to Winterize and Weather Proof a Wood Playset See more about Swing Sets, Weather and Stains. Wonder if this would take off when it gets windy. I purchased a wooden playset from someone who wanted it out of their back yard, and now it falls to me to move this beast. The 4×4 posts are cemented into the ground, and I would like to know the quickest, least back-breaking way to remove them. Almost every child would love to have a wooden backyard swingset like their friend down the street. The first instinct might be to get rid of it and get a new bigger one, however, your existing backyard fort could be used to make age appropriate upgrades with more challenging add-ons or accessories like monkey bars, sliding poles or even a vertical rock climbing wall. The Atlantis wooden swing set is chock full of features but still fits in smaller yards. I have a swing set that is set into the ground with cement. I don’t thing there is a lot of cement in each post. Depending on the thickness, you may want to rent a jackhammer. After it’s all removed, fill the holes with soil and plant grass seed. Like wooden playsets, the seats and slides are made from plastic but the main structure is made of steel.

Wooden Preping The Backyard Area

Every wooden swing set looks great when you get it, but unfortunately because it is an outdoor product, they do not always stay that way. It is a lot easier to remove them before staining, then to attempt to clean off the stain drippings later!. We provide FREE playset removal in Austin. Moving? Kids have outgrown the playset? Call us and we will remove your wooden playscape for FREE! Outdoor wood playsets can be damaged by the elements over time and require periodic maintenance, including:. Sand and Finish: Sand any rough spots to remove splinters, followed by a coat of wood sealer to prevent water absorption which can cause cracking and splitting. Families who want chips or rubber mulch will have to remove sod and that recycled rubber mulch is expensive, about 700 a pallet. 2 by my son) but if we didn’t, we would definitely have a swingset.