How To Remove Drawers From Craftsman Tool Cabinet (DIY Project Download)

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The Craftsman tool chest is a durable and reliable way to keep your tools in one place. Sometimes one of your tools may find its way behind the drawer, requiring you to remove the drawer from the tool chest to retrieve the tool. Removing the drawer is not difficult considering there are no fasteners to remove. Thank you for choosing i understand how important it is to be able to remove the drawer from the toolbox especially if something has fallen in the back. i have included instructions below on how to remove the drawer. Am in the the process of refinishing my Knaack jobsite box and decided to paint my existing Craftsman rolling toolbox and various garage items to match. So after consulting with google I still cannot get the drawers out of the toolbox.

deckchair polyrattan 2How to Remove Drawers From a Craftsman Tool Chest. Craftsman tool chests are rugged and built to last. The drawers are spacious to accommodate most tools any handyman will need. There are times, however, that tools get stuck behind a drawer or the slides need cleaning for a smoother drawer glide. You’re locks may no longer work. Remove the drawer, push the front of the slide upwards, may have to help it along with a soft faced hammer (gently), once it goes up the back slides forward to remove it. I admit defeat, how the heck do you get the drawers out of the box? I expected the part of the drawer that engages the tab on the slide to push inward but it won’t move. I used a screwdriver to check for a lever to lift or depress but no dice.

Removing drawers from the Sears Quiet Glide tool chest makes the unit lighter to carry when you’re moving the tool chest. There are also times when a tool accidentally gets stuck behind a drawer, requiring removal of the drawer to access the tool. I recently acquired a really old Craftsman tool chest from my girlfriend’s grandma (she said I could have whatever tools I wanted before she got rid of them, her husband had passed away a while ago and this stuff has been sitting in the basement for I don’t know how long). I was pulling the drawer with the bent slider to get it all the way out, and it came out totally when I gave it a yank, so I did the rest of them, but there are 2 sliders I can’t get out of the cabinet. Craftsman Tool Storage User Manual. AXS 706.59668, AXS 706.59669 Tool Storage pdf manual download. Plug in information Position Remove enough drawers to reach the retaining screw under the information Tighten center.

How To Remove Drawers From A Craftsman Tool Chest

Use it with a floor chest and top tool drawer chest to get the maximum storage area. Forum discussion: Hey — My new Craftsman rolling tool cabinet has two drawers that are off-track and I can’t get the slides to go back in and stay there. Shop our selection of Tool Chests in the Tools & Hardware Department at The Home Depot. 12-Drawer Steel Tool Storage Chest and Rolling Cabinet Set, Textured Red and Black Matte. Model 48-22-8530. (4). Ship to Home. Add To Cart. If you should lose the keys to your Craftsman chest or cabinet, send 1.00 to Keys, P. 0. Finally, you can remove the lock yourself. Once the lock is open, you should be able to remove it and take it to a locksmith to have a key made. Reply. I have a Craftsman tool box and a couple of the drawers will not open. I’d like to remove the rods that lock the slide out drawers in place when the lid is closed so I can access the drawers, but this tool box doesn’t appear to have little spring clips in the drawer supports like say a Craftsman toolbox.

Repair And Remodeling: Remove Drawers On A Sears Quiet Glide Tool Chest

The tool box if empty will move safely on a truck, and be easy to handle with one or two sets of muscle – and the individual banker boxes of tools and crap are an easy one man load. I load/unload my Mac Road Box by carefully removing the lighter drawers but unload the heavy drawer and it is designed to be hauled. Take the cover off and there is a Tray with dividers, remove that tray and there is another tray without dividers, remove that tray and there is.