How To Replace Ball Bearing Drawer Slides (DIY Project Download)

how to replace ball bearing drawer slides 1

Typical ball-bearing slides sell for about 8 to 25 per pair. Additional features, such as self-closing mechanisms or higher weight ratings, increase this cost. Under-mount slides are ball-bearing slides that are sold in pairs. I would like to install new drawer boxes with side mounted, soft closing glides. But if you want the smooth feel of contemporary drawers or you have worn-out wooden slides, you can replace them with ball-bearing metal runners. This type of slide is screwed to the drawer and the cabinet in matching pairs.

how to replace ball bearing drawer slides 2Sizes are available to fit most drawers, making these slides ideal for new construction, remodeling, and replacement projects. Kenlin RITE-TRAK II replacement drawer guide/glide brown plastic. Don’t let sticky drawers frustrate you. Replace worn-out slides with modern ball-bearing drawer slides to make your kitchen or bathroom drawers glide in and out.

If you’re replacing slides at home, it may be wise to upgrade to some higher quality friction slides or even ones that utilize ball bearings. Over long periods of time drawer runners can become run down as the grease or ball bearings wear off, and then they may begin to stick when opening and closing drawers.

Liberty Soft-close Ball Bearing Drawer

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