How To Restain A Teak Table (DIY Project Download)

Q: We have a teak mid-century Danish modern dining table. The table has good bones but the surface is incredibly damaged. Keep it or dump it? If I keep it, how do I refinish it? Sent by Karin. Teak furniture is consistently one of the most expensive types of wooden furniture on the market, due to its durability, beauty, and the length of time it can take before trees are mature enough for harvesting. Furniture designer and antique restoration expert Caitlin Long of The Shingled House shows us how to shore up a sink and bath with teak surrounds.

how to restain a teak table 2Teak veneer tables are beautiful; they are often family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation. I was given a Danish design, Teak Dining room table. I picked up the Fine Woodworking special issue on refinishing, but I am overwelmed. Cleaning Up and Refinishing an Antique Heart Pine Floor – Old Town Home.

Hi All – I just inherited a Danish teak dining table that needs some attention. If I wanted to just refinish the main section are there any other alternatives I should consider? If I did use Jasco, what sort of result should I expect? Finally, would any sanding be needed prior to applying finish?. We found this teak chair at a retro furniture store. Even though it looked shabby, the chair still had good bones. The table in question might not even be Teak. But here are some thoughts about the choices for a natural-looking refinishing job. January 28, 2013.

How To Refinish An Old Teak Veneer Table

how to restain a teak table 3Considering refinishing the Danish mid-century teak table my former roommate left behind. Some types of furniture, such as coffee tables, usually see much more abusive use than this, and can end up with stains,. If a damaged coffee table is of special value to you, or if you’d simply like to use it as a DIY project, you can learn how to refinish a coffee table with only a few tools and materials. Oil Teak Furniture. Our teak furniture is oiled to protect its beauty and maintain a matte luster. Your teak furniture will resist staining and rings more easily if you keep it well oiled. Over time, untreated teak furniture which is exposed to the sun will patina and turn a silvery, grey color. This process is cosmetic and does not harm the strength or quality of the wood. Refinishing a teak dining table will restore its original luster. While outdoor teak furniture may become grayish with time, indoor furniture will retain much of its natural, golden color. Q. I want to know how to bleach the dark lines and knots in teak wood. Willy Dobbs D&D – Jakarta Need someone to restore my outdoor teak set. I can honestly say I don’t know much about furniture refinishing / cleaning.

Refinishing A Teak Dining Table

Orange County Teak Furniture Restoration is a teak furniture restoration company based in Laguna Niguel, California. Our teak refinishing products include various teak oils, marine grade teak sealants, wood sealers, deck sealers, paint, and marine varnishes. Using either the Watco Teak Oil or Danish Oil, soak a rag and rub the entire piece down.