How To Secure A Toolbox On Truck (DIY Project Download)

how to secure a toolbox on truck 1

Not Vehicle Specific DeeZee/Truck Tool Box Mounting Kit. Not Vehicle Specific Westin/Truck Tool Box Mounting Kit. Not Vehicle Specific Better Built/Truck Tool Box Mounting Kit. I’m wondering how secure they are, I have one but don’t have anything expensive in it. The factory locks on almost any truck tool box, even a service body, are no match for a crow bar and some balls. If you truly want to secure stuff in your truck bed, a metal truck box is the way to go. Knaack toolbox- contractors box- that fits in the back of my truck.

how to secure a toolbox on truck 2Run the eye bolts through the side of the box and use the turn buckles to secure it to the hooks. Just bought a tool box off my coworker and was wonderin if you guys know how to install it with a bedliner in. I was thinkin about using my tie down to loop it around the front and tighten it down but i want somethin a little more secure. My question relates to how to secure the tool box in the pickup. In aprefect world, I would be able to install and remove the tool box inseconds without tools.

Secure your gear and keep it at the ready with a truck box from Sears. There is no way to mount something without being able to secure it somehow. I think your just going to have to bite the bullet and drill holes to secure it to the floor. The secure and rugged single lid allows for full access to the whole box at one time and the low profile prevents rear view driver obstruction.

Mounting Tool Chest

The good news is there are dozens of regional and national toolbox brands from which to choose, and plenty of styles to fit the need, whether it’s a conventional cross-bed toolbox or a custom-fabricated unit unique to your business. Flatbed work trucks are always in need of secure, accessible, organized storage solutions. Truck owners should have a toolbox to secure your belongings and tools in your truck’s bed. So I’ve decided to get a tool box for the bed of my truck. I’m thinking Craftsman. Truck toolboxes arent the most secure thing in the world. No matter what you do, someone will find a way to steal it if they want it bad enough.

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