How To Spruce Up Garage Door (DIY Project Download)

Sectional: The most common type of garage door; rolls up and down on tracks. Here’s an easy DIY Garage Door Makeover using Stain. I would love to paint my garage door soon and freshen up the outer appearance of my home. I am glad to know that painting your door is really not that costly. The garage door is used more often, it commands more curb appeal, and price-wise, it’s a great bargain, says Jim Lett of ABE Doors & Windows in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Real estate agents used to tell people that the front door is the most important element to spruce up, because it’s the first thing visitors see, he says.

how to spruce up garage door 2Garage door window panels are one of the most simple and cost effective way to spruce up your home. Read on to learn more about them and the many options available. The garage door is a home’s most used door, and oftentimes, is the first impression of your home when someone drives by. And if you want to really spruce up your home, as well as increase its value, browse our custom garage door gallery and start imagining your home with that special custom wood garage door today! Our goal is to match your home with a custom garage door that will not only look great by itself, but enhance and flourish in the style of house you have.

Garage Door Window Panel Design