How To Stack Firewood For Seasoning (DIY Project Download)

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From Shaker rounds to ricks, here’s a primer on methods of stacking firewood for maximum seasoning. Firewood should be kept up off the ground for seasoning to promote drying and prevent mould growth. Because I cut and split my wood in the bush and stack it in an opening there, then move it to the house in fall, I have to use materials that are handy. When it comes to preparing firewood, stacking may be the most pleasant part of the job. Seasoned wood burns efficiently, doesn’t require constant attention to stay lit, and creates less pollution in the form of smoke (unburned wood vapor).

how to stack firewood for seasoning 2Here’s how to stack firewood properly so that you are able to keep purchased logs dry and burnable. The purpose of seasoning freshly cut wood is to remove the moisture for ease of burning. Firewood programme sparks complaints on correct way to stack bark. Drying and Stacking Wood – and the Soul of Wood-Burning, by Lars Mytting (above), which spent more than a year on the Norwegian non-fiction bestseller list. Firewood Seasoning. In order for firewood to burn properly, it must first be seasoned. This simply means that the wood is allowed to dry until its moisture content is right around 20.

First, you must let the firewood season (dry), which allows the moisture to escape the drier the wood, the cleaner the burn. Burning unseasoned (green) or even partially seasoned wood in your stove or fireplace will cause creosote build-up in your chimney, which can lead to a chimney fire at the worst, and a lack of fire or a roomful of smoke at best. On split wood, stack the wood with the bark on the bottom to allow the wood to dry faster. I have another confession to make: When it comes to stacking firewood and keeping it stacked, I have a checkered past. The brief time available for drying wood leaves little room for restacking toppled woodpiles. Obviously doing all this work is meant to produce dry seasoned firewood so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts when it is 10 degrees outside.

How To Stack Firewood

how to stack firewood for seasoning 3For safety and stack stability, never stack firewood more than 4 feet high. Proper stacking is an essential step to ensuring that your firewood is protected and well-seasoned. Stack firewood so that it is exposed to sun and wind for drying. The quickest way to season firewood is to stack it in a single row along a fence, if possible, and slightly lower than the height of the fence. The weight can then be used in the edges of the plastic sheeting during drying, and to hold down a tarp if the wood is stored outside. is that the firewood supplier is likely to tell you it’s well-seasoned when it really isn’t. They worked it up with chainsaw and splitting maul, then stacked it in the woodshed to start the seasoning process. Here, we provide basic information on storing and drying your firewood for best results. Once delivered, stack the firewood as soon as possible.

How To Season Firewood: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

MINGO Marker firewood measurer is the ultimate tool for getting your firewood measured, marked and cut properly. Thus making stacking and burning wood efficient!. Learning a few tricks for how to stack firewood can keep your wood pile neat and tidy and guarantee that your firewood is seasoned nicely by the time you want to use it. Pine Blocks: Good clean easy to stack, easy to light, kiln dried firewood for all fire types. It is very hot burning but requires a longer drying period than other wood so plan ahead and get it in early. Since firewood can reabsorb water, you need to care for seasoned wood properly. Stack seasoned firewood so air can circulate around it. Cover the logs to keep them dry during rainy weather.