How To Stake Down A Swing Set (DIY Project Download)

When installing any swing set, you should anchor the equipment into the ground to prevent it from flipping over while in use. If you are unable to twist the anchor with your hands, slide a metal bar through the eye of the anchor and use it as a lever to help rotate the anchor down. Setting the footings is, in some ways, easier than assembling the swing set. Poke the cement around each leg with a wood stake to eliminate any air pockets. Installing a swing set in your backyard is a fun way to encourage your kids to play outside. Mark the position of each swing set leg with spray paint or a stake and move the swing to the side.

how to stake down a swing set 2Anchoring a playset or swing set is very important to assure a health and safety play environment. With the two types of Jungle Gym anchors this safe playtime environment can be secured. Over time, the swing set, even with the PVC caps, pushed its way further into the ground, so I ended up needing to drill a couple more holes up each leg to keep the turnbuckles tight. SOME TIE DOWN STRAPS AND ANCHOR TO THE GROUND W/STAKES. Secure your metal swing set to the ground with the heavy duty Swing Set Ground Anchors. Thought nothing about the need to stake it down, well we have been having a REAL WINDY spring and the wind turned it over three times.

Often what is supplied are wooden stakes which are hammered into the ground next to the legs, and then attached to each leg. Use the right ground anchors for your specific equipment, and make sure they are driven down as deeply as possible. Flexible Flyer Backyard Swingin’ Fun Metal Swing Set. Bought them this time for tent stakes, as the ones they include with the tent, pull out of the ground with just a slight gust of wind. Also, the swing set legs can still bounce up and down, driving them deep into the ground. When i was a kid, my dad tied down my metal swingset with a couple of these – not because of the wind, but because I was a crazy dare-devil 6 year old and I kept knocking the whole swingset over with my mad swinging. My 10 year old neighbor managed to pull them out of the ground pretty regularly when he was playing on the swingset, though, since he was about 40 pounds heavier than me, so at that point my dad dug holes about 12 inches deep and 8 inches across and buried the dog tie-out stakes in concrete in the holes.

Play Equipment: Does It Need A Concrete Base?

what to put down under swing set 3Visit the Home Depot to buy Swing-N-Slide Ground Anchors Kit NE 4521. The Swing-N-Slide Anchor-It Kit is designed to reinforce your Play Set’s stability and keep it anchored to the ground. It had originally come equiped with wooden stakes that screwed to the playset after they were driven into the ground with a sledgehammer. We recently purchased these anchors to hold down our playset that has a slide, 3 swings and a tower. My Dh just built a swing set about two months ago. He then drove Cedar stakes into the ground right beside the main structural beams. Installing a swing set in your yard can provide a safe, supervised area for your children to play. Place a small wooden stake at each corner and tie strings between the stakes to form the outline of the swing set area. Pack the sand down with the end of a 2-by-4. Find great deals on eBay for Swing Anchor in Outdoor Swings. Shop with confidence. Set of 4 Ground Anchors 520mm Galvanised Swing Trampolines Climbing Frames Heavy. Powerseller with 100 feedback – BUY with confidence. Find Playset Hardware at Shop a variety of quality Playset Hardware and Playset Hardware that are available for purchase online or in store. I already built a pretty serious swing set a few years back because I was unable to find–even in the very expensive ones made of wood–anything up to snuff. Possibly even more simply if you can find some stakes that dig nicely into the ground and hook to those they’d take care of wind concerns. Took down the huge old prefab playset and have bought wood for a more modern style.

Play Equipment: Does It Need A Concrete Base?

My only complaint is that even when you stake it down, it still is flimsy and very unstable. Watch for irrigation pipes or buried cable when hammering down stakes. Contact us if you would like us to professionally install your Swing Set or Backyard Playset. The Montpelier Wooden Swing Set is a new design that brings back one of the most requested features: the raised clubhouse. Down below there’s room for a sand box and a snack stand with built-in bench. We made sure to stake the set in, as the instructions said. Flexible borders mean you can round off your area or contour it to your swing set design. Rubber Borders include metal stakes and rubber plugs needed for installation.

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