How To Take Apart Ball Bearing Drawer Slides (DIY Project Download)

Choosing the right slides for installing your drawers might take more work than you realize, this handy FAQ will walk you through some key questions. See our Ball-Bearing Drawer Slide Comparison Guide Page. This refers to how the parts of the slide come apart. The drawer has metal tracks on the sides with ball bearings visible. View Full Version: How to remove drawer on metal slide. Another possibility is the two holes that look to be an inch apart could offer access to the release mechanism. It seems crazy though that the only way to take out this drawer would be to unscrew the bottom (which is very close to the floor), then unmount the track!. Get help in selecting the correct ball bearing drawer slide or linear motion slide for your application.

how to take apart ball bearing drawer slides 2Well you need to take it apart and figure out what is wrong. How to remove snap on ball bearing runners, and infact sliders! I just did all mine on a KRA, for the drawer take small flathead and put in between drawer and slide where that tab goes through and push up, or down. So the good newsvis I have now removed all the runners apart from two at the very top of the tool chest, now this is where I’m stucj again:-( I have easily got them all out of the roll cab as once you have pulled the tab out there is enough room to push them up, but in the tool chest the top runner is tight against the roof in the box so there is no room to oush it up:-( and its the same for the runner underneath as the top runner is in the way, how did you guys get around this? PS love the blue box! I will post pics if the above doesn’t make sense, and some progress pics!. I have a Kennedy Versa-Cart with friction drawer slides. After twenty+ years of accumulating tools and junk the drawers are loaded, and are getting harder and harder to open and close. Sheet metal welded to sheet metal is not easy to take apart. If you try to pry or chisel them apart you would probably have a lot of distorted sheet metal.

If a drawer is missaligned just a bit, the slide members compress on one side of the drawer, and separate on the other side. On a misaligned drawer, on the compressed side, the chamfered ramp helps push the two slide members apart slightly.

Ball Bearing Drawer Slide Failure

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New Dura-close Ball Bearing Slide