How To Tell If A Pool Table Is Slate (DIY Project Download)

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F.G. Bradley’s Used Pool Table Guide will help you ask the right questions and make sure you know what to look for in a used pool table. 6′ x 12′). A one piece slate table is very difficult and expensive to move and will not fit into most homes. Non-Slate Table? A: That depends, do you care if the balls roll straight when you hit them with the pool cue? In my experience, the average used pool table BUYER is looking to spend around 500 to 1000. 1) Slate. 3/4 or 1, BOTH are fine for a 8 or smaller home table. A 3 piece slate bed is much better than a one piece bed.

how to tell if a pool table is slate 2Ask if the slate is solid stone if the deal appears too good to be true. 2. If the slate is oversized, extending underneath the rails, it is strong enough to support the weight. If the slate is undersized, watch out! You will soon have wobbly, misaligned rails and a playing surface so uneven as to make it impossible to play. Some are excellent woodworkers but know little about pool tables. Others are good billiard mechanics but know little about woodworking. If you’ve ever played on a table at a pub or a club or a commercial premises, you’ve generally been playing on a slate bed table. By that, we mean that the surface that the balls roll on is actually a piece of slate or rock that has been completely levelled, and the construction of the table around that piece of slate tends to be of quite a high quality.

Most pool tables are either a composite or a slate type. Attempting to lift one end of the table will tell you if it’s slate or not. If the table is a composite, then removal or folding of the legs is normally all that is required to service them. Now that you know a little about billiard cloth, learn what to look for in billiard cloth when buying a used or pre-owned pool table. A few of the signs to look out for are easy to find. Cracked slate is rare if a pool table has been treated properly but is worthy of checking for. Slate is costly to replace and is not easily repaired to factory specs. A solid wood frame is considered best on a pool table for two reasons: 1) the overall strength and 2) the screw holding capacity. This can determine the rigidity of the entire table.

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how to tell if a pool table is slate 3I just got an old slate pool table that needs to be re-felted and releveled because i had to transport it from a cousin’s house. Anyone know the. I do not know whom you bought the tables from but he is flat wrong or lying. Why would the industry put so much time and effort in hyping their particular rubber, i. If you have a three-piece slate with or without wood backing you are probably going to need the help of a reliable tech in your area. The slates will have to be re-leveled and set and that is something you should have done by a professional. It’s one of those jobs that its easier to have done by people that do it all the time, that know the tricks. I was told the stuff they fill in the screws holes is beeswax. I also worked in a billiard hall,recovered all 6 tables a couple times,slate lifted on all of them. the table i have now was in a remote youth camp,after it closed,they hauled it out in winter on a sleigh. Even though the pool or billiard tables are usually referred to as 4′ x 8′ or as 4.5′ x 9′. The pool table itself will not measure to those dimensions. Some of these differences are impossible to tell from the naked eye. If you want the best table available, ask if the entire table is made of Hardwood. A Clean Slate – Billiards, also known as pool, is a game played all over the world. Learn how pool tables are made and about the variety of games played on them.

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You can do it on your own, but the job is best left to professionals who know how to move a pool table with proper care. Moreover, moving the pool table in once piece increases the risk of cracking the slate, which is usually screwed into the cabinet. 8FT Green Billiard Table 0 Sold by Sears Playcraft – Hartford Slate Bumper Pool Table, Black with Playing Equipment. If you really want to know how to move a pool table, the steps are below. Read thoroughly and carefully. When you buy a pool table, you’re making an investment because the tables can cost a lot of money especially if you purchase one designed for tournament play. A pool table at the lower end of the price range usually has a playing surface made of particle board, while mid-range priced tables and higher-priced tables have slate playing surfaces. There is a lot of information and reviews out there from people that have personally used certain pool tables and will be able to tell you how good or bad they are.

All players will tell you how it feels so much better to play on slate. I can also tell you that there is a performance downside to owning a one piece slate pool table. I’d recommend a three piece slate over one solid slate if given the choice.