How To Tell If A Pool Table Is Slate Or Not (DIY Project Download)

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QuestionWe are searching for a pool table for our family rec room, how can we tell if it is a slate top or something else and how can we tell how thick the slate is? Are there other materials that they make table tops out of? Thanks. A high quality pool table is a lifetime investment that can be sold if you decide it’s not getting enough use. If you ask an Aramith Fusion Pool Table owner, they’ll tell you they love having a 3/4 inch one piece slate because it allows their pool table to lower to dining height, then raise again to playing height with a single click. A one piece slate has no seams to affect the playing field. Some are excellent woodworkers but know little about pool tables.

how to tell if a pool table is slate or not 2Some of these differences are impossible to tell from the naked eye. Most manufacturers will provide a lifetime warranty for a slate pool table. If you have a professional installer, a sturdy floor, and a few more dollars, slate is the way to go. Pressed wood or plastic legs will not support a table nearly as well as solid wood. In my experience, the average used pool table BUYER is looking to spend around 500 to 1000. A 3 piece slate bed is much better than a one piece bed. Q: Do I really need a Slate Pool Table or Should I get a slatron or Non-Slate Table? A: That depends, do you care if the balls roll straight when you hit them with the pool cue? This is how you can tell you have a matched set of pool table slate.

Most pool tables are either a composite or a slate type. Attempting to lift one end of the table will tell you if it’s slate or not. If the table is a composite, then removal or folding of the legs is normally all that is required to service them. (Cloth, pockets, slate, cabinet and cushions) Billiard Table Cloth Felt There are many types of billiard cloth on the market. Now that you know a little about billiard cloth, learn what to look for in billiard cloth when buying a used or pre-owned pool table. This is common to see on pool tables with this type of pocket and should not cost anything to tighten up. If you’ve ever played on a table at a pub or a club or a commercial premises, you’ve generally been playing on a slate bed table. Majestic Leisure Ltd. is registered in England & Wales (Company no.

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how to tell if a pool table is slate or not 3If the frame does not have good screw holding power, it will not maintain its rigidity. This can determine the rigidity of the entire table. I do not know whom you bought the tables from but he is flat wrong or lying. If you have a three-piece slate with or without wood backing you are probably going to need the help of a reliable tech in your area. This is more important because you know that the ball will not travel beyond this point and you can tell what your worse case scenario shots will be. This question is extremely important when talking about the pool tables slate. They might not know what slate is; they just know they need it. Pool table slate is available to the consumer in two ways: one piece (one solid piece) and 3 piece (the slate is cut into 3 individual pieces. 8 Things to Know Before Buying a Pool Table. Most companies will not even warranty their pool tables to ensure level play because it is impossible to level a poorly designed pool table. Pressed wood or plastic legs will not support a table nearly as well as solid wood. Ask if the slate is solid stone if the deal appears too good to be true. 2.

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There used to be a local pool table dealer, but no more. Wonder if local household furniture movers might know who can do it? As you may know tables come in a number of different sizes, the most common of which are 7′ (bar size), 8′ (home size), Oversized 8′ (commercial size), and 9′ (tournament size). Slate that does not have wood backing should sit on the frame of the table directly. Firstly by non-slate you mean MDF tables. Slate doesn’t bend and slate bed pool tables can be re-clothed unlike MDF. This is all you need to know. There is no substitute for a pool table made with slate. Common substitutes include plywood, fiberboard, slatex, permaslate, slatron, slatine and honeycomb, but none of these alternatives offer the smooth experience and accuracy of slate.

If it is unlabeled, and you cannot easily tell which side is the playing surface, consult a professional. If your table has no wooden or particle board backing underneath the slate surface, you’ll need to find a specialized adhesive to glue the felt to the slate instead. I can also tell you that there is a performance downside to owning a one piece slate pool table. There is the issue of leveling the playing surface. Not all slate is perfect. It is not a dining room table with a few legs to unscrew and leaves to take out. Removing the felt from the slate is a tricky process that may leave one tearing their hair out. If you really want to know how to move a pool table, the steps are below. Anyone telling you that they do or can do this is NOT a professional, does not know what they are doing and should not be let near your pool table.