How To Transfer Ink To Wood (DIY Project Download)

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No fuss method for transferring an image onto wood using minimal supplies! Feed the freezer paper into your printer so that the image prints on the shiny side. If you want a detailed image printed onto wood for one of your DIY projects, Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals shows an incredibly simple way to make it happen. I had NO idea this was possible! Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign. See more about Ink, Woods and Homemade Signs.

how to transfer ink to wood 2Tutorial on how to transfer images onto wood using wax paper! Vintage looking painted sign from salvaged wood I had NO idea this was possible! Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign. I’ve seen this one used on Painted and Natural Wood and Painted Metal. Oh, Karen, someone else did it using a wood burning tool that heats up the paper and transfers the ink.

Holding the transfer tight to the wood, and working quickly, swipe the edge of a credit card across the image. This pushes the ink from the waxed paper down into the wood, which absorbs it. Check that your photo is set at 300 DPI so that it won’t print out all pixelated. Simple Trick Allows You to Transfer Images Onto Wood Using Only an Inkjet Printer. In what is one of the coolest photography hacks I’ve seen in a while, Steve Ramsey from Woodworking for Mere Mortals shows you how to easily create a print-transfer to wood using nothing more than your standard inkjet printer.

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Step 4: Stick your image face down onto the wet Mod Podge. Press and smooth to make sure the image has good contact with the wood. When you’re ready to begin the transfer, be sure to work in a well-ventilated area. Lay your print image-side down on the fabric or wood surface you’ve chosen. In this tutorial I will present a way to transfer inkjet print onto wood or furniture. I am not going to show anything new or super-innovative, this technique is widely known, and you can find a lot of examples of using it on hobby & craft websites, however in most cases it is. This was a super quick test but once I made the letters larger and more spaced out, the ink transferred over much better. Can I transfer a photo onto wood using inkjet paper? Make vintage orchard farm inspired pallet wood crate for almost free. Tutorial on transfer inkjet image to wood, plus recipe for home made furniture wax.

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The folks over at have discovered a way to transfer any image you have on your computer to a block of wood. The type of image you choose to transfer changes depending on what kind of gift you’re creating – you can use a photograph as an alternative to a standard picture in a frame, or you can use a pattern to decorate wooden furniture. In case you missed it, this is a really fun, cheap way to cover wood with your favourite photos. The plywood coasters pictured on the left are part of my recent discovery that you can take any digital image and transfer it to plywood, solid wood, wood veneers or unfinished furniture. Use simple ingredients like Mod Podge, school glue and a brush to transfer an inkjet printed image to a wood block. I’ve tried printing with my ink jet but my images have come out with color streaks. Greens and purples, not really the look I’m going for Remember REVERSE YOUR IMAGES Trim off as much paper as you can Notice I cut out even the middle part of the lock Grab the wood you want to transfer your image on. Grab the wood you want to transfer your image on.

Here’s a do it yourself that even the least artistically inclined can pull off. All you need are a decent quality printer, the right type of paper, and a piece of wood!