How To Treat Veneer Furniture (DIY Project Download)

For wood veneer furniture of mahogany veneer, use new iodine. Use older, darkened iodine for brown or mahogany stained cherry. Care for Wood Veneer. Veneer is a thin layer of an expensive, desirable wood over a less expensive substrate, creating furniture that looks like it is made of the more expensive material. You can polish to a soft luster or wax repeatedly to bring the veneer to a shiny glass like, lacquered look (if you like that look). I personal prefer non-wax, non-silicon polish, such as Trade Secret furniture polish.

how to treat veneer furniture 2The item has undergone basic soap treatment at the factory, but in order to quickly achieve a dirt and moisture repelling surface, treat the product with soap before putting it to use, and then repeat the treatment 2-3 times a year or when needed. Solid wood furniture Veneer furniture Soap-treated surfaces. Does the veneer hold up to daily abuse? Thanks for your help! Treat tough spots with a solution of diluted washing-up liquid. Polish with a chamois leather cloth or spray polish, applied on a cloth. Veneer, Clean with care.

How to Repair a Veneer Surface – Repairing wooden furniture surfaces — from burns to discoloration — is easy if you know how. Refinishing may be necessary when the mend is complete; if so, use a non-wash-away paint and varnish remover, and treat the veneered surface very gently. Other than that, treat veneer as regular wood in your preparation and finishing procedures. In my line of work, I constantly deal with veneer issues. Take an old towel that has been wet and rung out or a piece of wax paper and put it between the iron and the furniture surface.

How To Soap Treat Your Furniture

There are times when veneer construction is preferable to solid wood construction because of its versatility and resistance to expansion and contraction. Q: How should I care for my Stickley wood furniture? For the home owner it offers a finish which is hard, easy to care for (though not care free), flexible and long lasting under normal conditions. Put a small amount of bees wax polish on a soft clean lint free cloth and rub the piece in the direction of the grain until the wax on the surface shines. The heat from sunlight can also crack furniture and lift veneers off of pieces. Restoring rosewood veneer furniture is difficult and only works once or twice. Buyers should know how to care for rosewood furniture before purchasing it so that they do not inadvertently do something that ruins their very expensive investment. Generally, I treat my veneered furniture like real wood: keep it clean, careful with heat, and have used tricks used with wood to fix up scratches. In my experience, IKEA furniture is more durable than people give it credit for (I’ve unassembled and reassembled an IKEA bed several times and have moved a dresser the same number of times) and it does seem the more expensive the furniture is, the longer it lasts. No veneer table leaf, no matter how expertly cut or treated, is identical to another. When selecting separate veneer leaves for tables, Leolux endeavours to make the best selection out of the available raw materials.

How To Repair A Veneer Surface

These are things that simply mean treating the furniture with the respect it is due, taking into account the age of it and its original purpose. Veneered furniture is exceptionally vulnerable to extra dry and extra damp conditions and if water or polish is allowed to seep beneath the surface then this can often cause the veneer to buckle, lift or even split. How often do you polish your furniture? Buff lightly to bring up the shine, but be careful on veneered pieces where the veneer may have lifted.