How To Trim Out Bookcases (DIY Project Download)

Paint, stain, & decorative touches can dress up any standard bookshelf. From the experts at I spent just over 400 on the bookcases and doors and 66 on the wood trim to trim it all out, so this project was done for under 500. Not bad! I have always been a fan of custom built-in bookcases but have been intimated by their price and the skill required to create them. I finally figured out a method that worked for me. Cutting it flat on a compound miter saw.

how to trim out bookcases 2Using only basic tools and a minimum of woodworking ability, you can trim out the perimeter on almost any built-in bookcase in one afternoon. Choose a hardwood species that matches the existing hardwood in your home, or make the bookcase stand out even more by using a different species of ranch-base trim. It was at this point I found out I’m not a mathematician. I searched the internet for bookcases and but ever one I have been is basically just trimmed out on the bottom with baseboard and the top with crown.

We eventually got it worked out, though, and those bookshelves aren’t going anywhere any time soon!. Let’s say you wanted a solid oak bookcase but didn’t have the four to six hundred bucks a retail store would want for one. Measuring and cutting them out separately may seem like a pain, but unless you’re really good at figuring kerf, this way is much safer. If you want to read more on that DIY blunder, check out yesterday’s post. I measured and cut the moulding for the length of the bookcase (the left side had a straight cut, the right side was a 45 degree angle as it wraps around the side).

How To Add Decorative Trim To A Built-in Bookcase

wardrobe door decoration ideas 3They filled an entire wall with Billys, and then trimmed it out so that it looks built-in. Staining the bookcases and adding glass doors and lights at the top contributes to the high-end look. I love to read and as soon as you enter our home you can tell. The first thing you see on our main floor is all of my books. We use Ikea Billy Bookcases to store the book bounty I have collected. Add warmth and character to a room by installing built-in bookshelves in an unused corner with these easy step-by-step instructions. Use a table saw to cut out the pieces of shelving (Image 1), starting with the longest pieces. Full explanation and tutorial on how to turn an ordinary Billy bookcase into a custom made built-in. Figuring out how to cut the crown molding so that all of the corners fit together nicely was the hardest thing of it all. Usually you cut away the base trim when you want something flush against a wall, but Laura wanted to keep the over-100-year-old trim in tact, in case the built-in was ever removed. The bookcases turned out so lovely and they look like they belong and weren’t added later.

Fancy Bookshelves With Crown Molding