How To Turn A Spare Room Into A Walk In Closet (DIY Project Download)

how to turn a spare room into a walk in closet 1

New project for a new year: Get the closet you’ve always wanted, starting with all the info here. When I moved into a place with a spare room and a lack of closet space in the bedroom, I immediately decided to turn what otherwise would have been an office into a walk-in closet / dressing room. Who says you need Carrie Bradshaw/Mr. Big money to have a nice dressing room?

how to turn a spare room into a walk in closet 2I’ve put together a few photos of rooms we’ve turned into walk-in closets on Love it or List it Vancouver. Get inspired to turn your own spare room into a dream space for clothes!. Turning A Spare Bedroom Into A Dressing Room. February 5, 2014. WAY better than a walk-in closet. You have to walk through the master bedroom to get into my craft room (a former upstairs kitchen) and you have to walk through both of those to get to this back room, which was the baby’s nursery.

5 tips for turning an extra room into a walk-in closet. Do you also have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used? Then closet nirvana is at hand. If you’re trying to find that perfect project for a spare room in your house, why not turn that extra room into a beautiful and functional walk-in closet? It doesn’t have to be grandiose in scale, but if you have a spare room, here’s how you can transform the space into a walk-in closet of your very own.

How To Turn A Spare Room Into A Walk-in Closet

how to turn a spare room into a walk in closet 3If you have a spare bedroom, converting it into the walk-in closet of your dreams might be a good idea. Ready to make a room for your inner Carrie Bradshaw? Guest lifestyle blogger Dina Younis turns a spare room into beautiful walk-in closet using thrifted material. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your home, turning it into a closet could be just the thing to do. Walk in wardrobes are all about access: a clear, stylised format for storing your clothes will help you pick out what you want in a hurry and allow you to quickly pop things away again. If you are an empty-nester gleefully considering all the possible uses for your son or daughter’s old bedroom, here’s a great one: the walk-in closet of your dreams. The best way to organize your closet with Linda Koopersmith, the Beverly Hills Organizer. Linda: Converting second bedrooms or guest rooms into walk-in closets is the latest trend in closet design. I prefer to call the glamorous new spaces wardrobes or dressing rooms. Turn your spare room into your very own boutique!. How to Turn a Spare Room Into a Walk-in Closet. If your home contains a small spare room that no one regularly uses, your family may already be using it as haphazard storage space.

Turn A Spare Bedroom Into A Walk-in Closet

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