How To Turn A Walk In Closet Into A Bedroom (DIY Project Download)

Ellen’s Walk-In Closet Bedroom is a little roomier, and even has two doors to keep open or closed. The window also prevents any possible claustrophobia. In this case, that meant turning a closet into a brand new bedroom for our littlest. Now, before anyone gets all faux-shocked and starts going all nobody puts Baby in a closet on me, this closet has room for a bed and a dresser. A walk-in closet turned into a tiny office – great idea for small spaces.

how to turn a walk in closet into a bedroom 2DIY Closet Beds- turns sleeping space into a fort of sorts which kids love! Bed in closet! The solution: convert our 4.5 x 7.5 walk-in closet into his nursery. Boston mama Kate put her son Colin into the master bedroom closet. Have a spare bedroom you want to use for guests but as an office as well? No worries. Turn the closet into a simple, low-key but efficient office area.

Read on to see how each of five bloggers turned a closet into bonus living space. Turning Nooks and Crannies into Storage and Living Space. In a home that has more bedrooms than needed, turning one of them into a walk-in closet provides storage space that may be lacking in the home otherwise. We have this enormous walk-in closet when we need a room for a baby. Ultimately how long this little room will work depends on our son’s needs and personality but I’ve already got schemes for how we can convert our one bedroom into two.

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If you don’t need the closet in a home office or guest bedroom, turn it into a sitting area. To maximize a tiny playroom, turn the closet into a couch for kids to play and read. If your home office is windowless and gloomy, set up shop in the sunniest room in the house. Cristina walk in closet-master bathroom, my guest bedroom turn into a walk in closet. Our two-bedroom home already houses three people, a dog, a cat, and a turtle where would we put a new addition? We do have a lot of big closets, and the thought of converting one into a nursery has crossed my mind. Turn one big closet into two smaller closets with a nook for the crib in between. Live in a studio with a large walk-in closet? Boom. Instant bedroom. Okay, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t actually a walk-in closet but rather a bedroom that was being used as a walk-in closet. Last summer I completed the smallest space of my career, a one bedroom town home that was no more than 300 square feet.

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When Catie Nienaber moved into her Hayes Valley apartment almost five years ago, she kept what you might think of as a typical studio: a desk, some space-conscious shelving, and a bed right smack in the middle of the main living space. Hence I turned my walk-in closet into the world’s smallest one-bedroom. Have you always dreamed of a luxurious, spacious closet? If you have a spare bedroom, converting it into the walk-in closet of your dreams might be a good idea. These closets-turned-offices maximize space in small rooms and actually look really great! What’s great about turning your closet into an office space is that if you decide to keep the doors on it, you can close them and put all that work out of sight! A great option for when you want your den to look like a den or your bedroom to look like a bedroom. Do you think you could handle working in a small walk-in? Do you also have a spare bedroom that rarely gets used? Then closet nirvana is at hand. Simply turn your extra bedroom into a large walk-in closet.

How to Turn a Closet Into a Secret Fun Room. If you like being creative then this article is sure for you. Learn how to create your own little fun room out of a closet.