How To Turn Dresser Into Shelves (DIY Project Download)

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I hope you like my dresser turned into craft organizing shelves for our office! It’s one of my favorite projects ever, just because it gives me that joy of being organized & clutter free!. DIY Striped wall here. DIY Ideas and Tutorials to Transform Old Dresser4. Another dresser into a bench. (Tutorial: Photo Kapi). 5. Turn the dresser drawers into unique wall shelves. Great DIY Dresser Turned Into a Bookshelf. It would also be a good storage piece if it has drawers or open shelves. First it would be nice to paint it just to change its look and to give it a fresh appearance.

how to turn dresser into shelves 2Repurpose your old beloved dresser into a bookshelf. Sand down the wood you will be using for the shelves to ensure the surface is smooth. Change the Color of Your Bedroom Dresser; How do I Convert a Dresser Into a Dressing Table? Instead of trashing your old dresser, turn it into a colorful shelf worthy of displaying your favorite books and collectibles. tells you how with these easy steps. We can help you with these creative and cute diy ideas. Enjoy 1. Hang them on the wall and use them as shelves. Turn a small drawer into a flower pot.

If you have some old dresser drawers that aren’t being used, hang them on the wall and you’ve got great looking drawer shelves. See how Katie turned the drawers into adorable drawer shelves for her walls! When it’s time to for a new dresser, don’t just toss away the old one like last year’s fashions. Even if your old dresser is slightly broken, it is easy to replace drawers with shelves, or even transform the dresser into a new piece of furniture. 22 Clever Ways to Repurpose FurnitureDIY Network. Turn A Broken Dresser Into Shelving. If you have a broken dresser, you can use the drawers to make wonderful map shelves. This is great if you have a dresser that you are turning into something else and you don’t really need all of the drawers.

How To Change A Dresser Into A Bookcase

LoveThisPic offers Turn Dresser Into Outdoor Plant Shelf pictures, photos & images, to be used on Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and other websites. I’m super impressed, turn out great and frugal! Reply. Old Chest Of Drawers Turned Into A Bookcase. I’m going to look for one at our church yard sale this month. Interesting makeover, turning the drawer space into shelf space. +4JamieLew. View all 1 Tips added by people answering the question How to turn your dresser into shelves on See Fit. Easy Upcycling: How To Turn An Old Dresser Into A New Entertainment Center. A small shelf for the inside was the penultimate step. Plus, as with all things DIY, you enjoy it more because of the hard work you put into it!


You can also remove all of the drawers and turn that frame into shelves and the drawers into side tables. Look at your dresser a little closer and see if want to turn it into something else.