How To Unlock Click Clock Wood (DIY Project Download)

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ONES GOOD AS YOU CAN ENTER THE WOOD, Open Click Clock Wood. There are also two unused versions of the Click Clock Wood theme and an unused Mumbo Jumbo song called Mumbo’s Raindance. Reveal the Yellow Egg in Click Clock Wood NOW BANJO WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT ON NABNUTS TABLE. Unlock the path near Clanker’s Cavern leading to Click Clock Wood ONCE IT SHONE BUT THE LONG TUNNEL GRILLE IS GONE.

how to unlock click clock wood 2Press it and it unlocks the jigsaw puzzle to unlock Click Clock Wood. Oh and to unlock rusty bucket or whatever the hell it is you need back to where you made the water rise. You may already know that in Click Clock Wood you can get into Gnawty’s house in the Spring by breaking the boulder from above. Get Dragon Kazooie (unlock the chest in Hailfire Peaks with the Ice Key; take the Mega Glowbo to Humba Wumba in the Pine Grove) and go to Spiral Mountain. To Unlock An Alternate Ending, Simply Beat The Game With All 100 Jiggy’s. In-Depth FAQs, Click Clock Wood Guide by Ernest 64, 15K.

Begin a new game and play until Treasure Trove Cove is unlocked without transforming at Mumbo’s hut in any world. CHEATTHISONESGOODASYOUCANENTERTHEWOOD – Click Clock Wood level unlocked CHEATTHEJIGGYSDONESOOFFYOUGOINTOFREEZEEZYPEAKANDITSSNOW – Freezeezy Peak level unlocked CHEATNOWINTOTHESWAMPYOUCANSTOMP – Bubblegloop Swamp level unlocked Bottles Codes Go to Treasure Trove Cove and complete the Underwater Castle section by spelling out BanjoKazooie. Though on the surface, Click Clock Woods seemed like a gentle level, being that you get to see the jigsaw frame so early in the game. Now, getting the four notes on top of the barn in Click Clock Wood – Winter, on the other hand.

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