How To Unloft A Dorm Bed (DIY Project Download)

While most beds are on frames that leave little room for storage beneath them, only 6 to 8 inches, some wooden bed frames are adjustable. You can raise and lower the height of your bed with these bed frames to create extra storage for your things underneath. Adjustable height beds are ideal for dorm rooms. As always dorm sizes and bed options differ from school to school, but I feel like these three are pretty standard when it comes to different options. Your dorms maintenance men can literally loft or un-loft your bed in about 5 minutes and are very respectful when changing your configuration. Your college probably isn’t too keen on you building your own furniture or drilling holes into the existing set, so you’ll be building a raised platform to rest your bed on.

how to unloft a dorm bed 2But the steps on the bed are wooden and really painful to step on, so I ended up having my friend unloft my bed, which put it at about 4′ high. However, some rooms do contain beds that can be arranged in multiple configurations. A description of the different configurations is listed below. In general, Traditional and Suite style beds will allow multiple configurations while Apartment style does not. Requesting a Raised Bed. Requests to have your bed raised, lofted, or bunked:. Requests for bed lofting and bunking (see photos below) are accepted beginning September 1.

What tools do I need to adjust the height of the loft beds in the residence halls?. The beds are the standard dorm furniture, and they are both set up lofted at the full height. A few dorms may restrict certain room configurations, notably Davis, where you may not un-loft the beds. If you’re doing your dorm decor shopping, remember to look for extra-long twin bedding. Slusher Wing and Tower have one bed lofted and one bed unlofted; the second bed cannot be lofted.

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how to unloft a dorm bed 3The Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture and the College of Arts and Sciences strongly encourage incoming freshmen to sign up for the Stephenson Towers, which offers a living/learning community for students interested in science, engineering and math. Remove all obstacles from your path, empty the contents of all drawers and clear any items from the tops of furniture. Remove the mattress from the bedframe for safer, easier lifting.

Adjusting Loft Height In Res. Hall