How To Use A Maul To Split Wood (DIY Project Download)

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A splitting maul also known as a block buster, block splitter, sledge axe, or go-devil is a heavy, long-handled axe used for splitting a piece of wood along its grain. Wedged mauls: A typical maul for wood splitting will have a head weighing in region of 4 kg (8 lbs). Use the wrong tool for the job, and you will wind up either in the emergency room or in a rage of frustration. The maul is designed to divide a piece of wood in two by forcing the wood fibers apart parallel to the grain. A splitting maul, the standard tool for splitting wood. PHOTO: MOTHER EARTH NEWS STAFF.

how to use a maul to split wood 2Learn how to chop wood like a pro lumberjack — without wrecking your back. If your looking to split wood, use a tool designed for the job like a splitting axe or a maul. I’ve been splitting wood by hand since I was a kid. I usually round house the 8-lb splitting maul, but whenever I use the 10-lb sledge on a wedge, I go straight up and straight down ( rise and fall ).

Not just any axe can be used for splitting wood. We help you choose the right wood splitting axe or maul. By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more. Got it. Close. They are safer to use when cutting limbs off trees and other utility work, compared to a double bit axe. The 8 pound maul on the left is ideal for hard-to-split wood, as it has the heft and thickness to not get stuck in the end grain. Use the chain saw to cut about three-quarters of the way through the log at each 16-inch groove. The best tool for hand splitting firewood is a maul, which looks like a cross between an axe and sledgehammer.

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1) Use the right tool. For chopping wood by hand anything less than a six-pound splitting maul is, in my opinion, a waste of your time. Splitting maul is much better than an axe for splitting firewood. I use a large splitting axe for splitting everything, but i use axes as part of my work and not weedy armed by anymeans. Extremely powerful maul for making easy work of log-splitting. It’s made my life so much easier and glides through wood like a knife does butter. I use the maul (hammer side) with a log bomb for knotty sections of logs and this also works very well. Though you may need to replace their handles over long periods of use, splitting mauls can last a lifetime. Splitting Maul 146. Use the Splitting Maul for splitting heavy, grumpy chunks. Step 7 Use the sledge hammer Use the sledge hammer and wedges when you encounter a knotty or exceptionally tough piece of wood.

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