How To Wire A Door Jamb Switch (DIY Project Download)

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The door jamb switch can be a very useful device that can be installed on the hinge side of a closet door. Connect the closet light to the switch by running a wire through the drilled hole. Leviton’s appliance device line includes the switches and panel-mounted outlets that see intensive use in electrical appliances and equipment. I’ll be installing a couple of door jamb switches in the near future. The switches come with a built in Jbox and it looks like they are to be cut right into the jamb.

how to wire a door jamb switch 2I assume the unit will come with instructions for the wiring so I’m ok with that. With the jamb switch the lights can not be off if doors need to be open to air out. When I run into a couple of the closet door jamb switches(the ones that turn the closet light on when the door is open and off when the door is shut),I usually just trace the switch cover with a knife on the jamb and get out a sharp chisel,then cut the box hole out with a jigsaw (with the jamb off). You could use a small pushbutton switch if the wires ran through a hole drilled in the king stud and trimmer to a regular box and a blank plate on it inside the closet. I have to instal 2 door jamb switches in a a custom new construction house for the master bedroom closets. There is line power in each closet in a j-box, with a load wire stubbed out at the light location.

The light box will be above the door on the inside and I will run the wire down the jamb from that. No doors will be installed at the time though. I believe this is where the wires are supposed to connect. I just cant figure out how they’re supposed to connect. Lost door jamb switch wire NA (1989-1997) General Discussion.

Installing Leviton1865 Door Jam Switch For Closet

DJ-16 Door Jamb Switch Universal switch made with two contacts Detailed description at bottom of product page Item Number: DJ-16 Unit Price: 16. For use in fiberglass cars or vehicles that need to run ground wire to ensure the connection. Question for wiring my dome light and door jamb switches. I’m not quite following how this works. But, My Hwy 22 kit says to run a power lead from the fuse panel to my dome light (orange) Then to run a ground wire (White) from the headlight switch to the dome. I tried hooking up some courtesy LEDs I bought to the door jamb switch today, however I ran into issues with the polarity. When the door is open and the dome light is on, I connect the LED leads and get no light. I figure the easiest way to get these LEDs to come on would be to wire them into the door jamb switch, and ground them to the switch bolt. A simple modern luxury that lights up your step when you open the door so you can see where you going before you enter your car. The wire thats pinched behind the door jamb switch may break thru its own insulation in time and short to ground. Shop for Door Jamb Switch products with confidence at Parts are just part of what we do. Not Vehicle Specific Painless Wiring/Door Jamb Switch. Loading Price.

Dj-16 Door Jamb Switch-ron Francis Wiring