Husky Tool Boxes Any Good (DIY Project Download)

Are Husky tool boxes as good as their hand tools. Or are they complete crap???? I have looked at the Craftsman and they seem to be pretty much the same quality as they have always been. Craftsman boxes are not any better than the Husky, and the price is almost double. Posting this to get opinions about the Husky tool chest available at Home Depot compared to the Harbor Freight tool chest. It holds a ton of stuff, has huge casters, and a good pull handle. Ive worked out of snap-on boxes, craftsman, armstrong, napa pro, and my harborfreight is nicer than any but the snappy. I was looking at the 41 (Husky I think) tool chest. A buddy at work has one and it doesn’t have any shallow drawers, they are all deep. He has this large stainless box and not enough drawers. Mine has a mixture of shallow and deep drawers 600.00 Good deal.

husky tool boxes any good 218-Drawer Tool Chest and Rolling Tool Cabinet Set, Black. Review Rating: 4 & Up. Box is getting excellent reviews on HD’s site. Husky 52 in. 18-Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet Set, Black-HOTC5218B1QES – The Home Depot. Im just kinda wondering this is certainly the cheapest tool chest ive seen so far and the drawers roll better than the craftsman proffesional series. I was just wondering if any of you have had any experience with these how well they hold up and so on. I would rather spend my money on a good tool than a bling tool box.

Here are a plethora of toolbox options to store all of your tools. Higher quality tool chests will include heavier load ratings on drawers, better drawer sliding hardware and bearings, thicker gauge steel, and better paint and exterior finish. For a narrower tool chest check out offerings from DeWalt and Husky. They Husky is as good as the craftsman chest and you can get a better deal on them, I would not hesitate to buy another. Freight store near you, take a look at the US General line of tool chests. I was there yesterday and they had three sitting in the asile 50 off if you looked at them hard it would cause a dent the ones i saw were cheap and very flimsey i would take the harbor freight genral line any day i have the 42in 11 drawer at work it has been great for 7 years like a timex takes a likin keeps on tickin. Home Depot, Husky Tools Complaint Review: Home Depot, Husky Tools. Consumer Comment: Home Depot Tool Chest Warranty Dept.

Husky 52 In. 18-drawer Tool Chest And Rolling Tool Cabinet Set, Black-hotc5218b1qes

After some internet reviews on tool boxes, there seems to be plenty to stay away from. I looked at Homak, Craftsman, Waterloo, Husky, Harbor Freight brand, and Kobalt. Have any of you had a Harbor Freight / US General roller toolbox? HF has great deals on their rollers, and they have good reviews on the HF website. If you really load it up it won’t roll as well as a nice snap on box with suspended casters or anything, but I think it’s comparable to craftsman’s waterloo made roller, a few steps above the first husky box I bought, and it cost me quite a bit less. Has anyone had any encounters with the husky combo tool chests, for a diy person like myself that cant afford the name brand k units. Snap On, Husky, Matco, Cornwell, etc. all HUGE money and then I came across the 44 inch wide multidrawered U. I have an EPIC Snap-On tool box and the US general toolbox, now the Snap-On box is nice, but is it 7500 nicer?? no way. I’d buy just about any of the boxes with ball bearing slides, they’re all pretty good. Milwaukee 8-Drawer Ball Bearing Tool Chest (MWTC4616B2OU). When I purchased my Husky tool box for half the cost of the dewalt and believe me they really are the same box, the store tool manager said that Stanley is building a Milwaukee tool box for home depot. Leaky isn’t good, nor are poor welds. Thanks for the reply, I’ll take a closer look at them in the store.

How To Choose The Perfect Toolbox For Your Diy Needs

Looking to put a full size across the bed box in my 250. any of you guys have the lowes or home depot ones and what are your opinions on them? thanx. If you’re going to have a man-sized collection of hand tools, then the Husky 26 inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest (model 26PCHTHD) may be for you. I would guess they are as good as most of the Craftsman tool boxes. Kobalt is made in China, if that makes any difference to you. Another thing I looked at was the Husky Brand at The Home Despot today and they didn’t have lift up handles on the side so I cannot chain or wire cable it in place. Use this Husky Eighteen Drawer Black Tool Chest and Cabinet Set to store your power tools such as cordless drills and saws. Milwaukee 46 Rolling Tool Storage Chest & Cabinet Review.

Read our reviews to find the Best Tool Chest and compare photos, specs and user reviews. Tools are heavy and take toll on any cardboard box it’s really hard to organize them in something like that as well. Any suggestions for a good truck tool box for 350 or less? I think the Tractor supply boxes are probably as good as any other the other store brand boxes out there like Delta (Lowes) or Husky (Home Depot). I played with the drawers a little and gave it a good once over. I’ve seen a LOT of Husky toolboxes on CL supposedly new-in-box lately, seemingly from a whole mess of different sellers with various price ranges. Although longevity, warranty, and strength come into play at some time in the user’s future, overall compared for what you can buy for 500 bucks at any big box store, this set is a winner.