Husky Truck Tool Box Keys (DIY Project Download)

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2 UWS (ONLY) Toolbox Keys Code Cut CH501 to CH510 Truck Tool Box Lock Key. 1 Craftsman-Sears-Husky-Kobalt Tool box Key Code Cut 8101 to 8150 Chest Keys. Can be used for Husky toolboxes and latches. Find Husky keys & other hardware at HUSKY PUSH BUTTON TOOLBOX LATCH REPLACEMENT KEYS. 0.00. So the first time I lost a key to a toolbox, I figured the process would be pretty much like replacing a lawnmower key: there are probably only three or four of em, so you can either get one from the local shop, or worst case, you could call the manufacturer and order one.

husky truck tool box keys 2I just moved, and lost the keys to my 26 5 drawer Husky tool chest. I’ve drilled about a 1/4 sized hole in the lock, but it still will not open. So, the other day I lost the keys to my Husky tool box. PM me those numbers and I can check with my buddy too, he owns a truck accessory store and has a crapload of loose keys in drawers in the shop, just in case customers do the same thing you did. Yamaha ToolBox Keys Boat Keys Car Truck Chevrolet Console Key Golf Cart Cargo Ski Roof Car Rack Keys ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping. Better Built, Craftsman, Delta, Husky, Kennedy, Sears, Snap-On, Weather Guard, Trimark, Matco.

Looking for husky truck tool box replacement locks? Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of husky truck tool box replacement locks. Keys For Things HD08 08 Key for HUSKY HOME DEPOT Truck Toolbox, Double Side – This HD series is used on Husky Toolboxes. It is double sided or double bitted and will come pre-cut and ready to work in the lock. The lock on my truck box seems to have bitten the dust. Where would I go to get a new lock? Can it be done locally or do I need to contact Husky?

Can’t Open Husky Toolchest

HD010 HD1 Key Replacement Home Depot Husky Truck Tool Box 1 SET of TWO KEYS FRSP. HD09 HD9 Key Replacement Home Depot Husky Truck Tool Box 1 SET of TWO KEYS FRSP. Better Built TM 703 Keys – Truck Tool Box Key. Set (2) of Double-Sided Replacement Keys for TM 703 Locks. Instructions for locating your key code. Your key code is located on the outside of the lock cylinder right next to where the key is inserted into the lock. Great prices on Replacement Tool Box Keys. Thousands of car and truck accessories in stock. Call your parts pros today – 866-205-5299. I just purchased a truck with a Husky brand tool box in the bed. The box is like new, but I have one problem. No key. Is there anyway to purchase a replacement lock for these boxes? I can’t find a website for Husky either.

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