Husky Truck Tool Box Lock Cylinders (DIY Project Download)

One new lock cylinder to fit UWS tool box paddle latches and can also be used for other applications. Our product offering includes every conceivable trailer, tire, towing device, truck accessory, suspension, exhaust, lighting, and performance part. Dee Zee Toolbox Replacement Locking Latch, Horizontal. (0). How do I get replacement locks or keys for a HUSKY toolbox? No, I don’t have the sku number or model number, I do have the key code which is CS03.

husky truck tool box lock cylinders 2Double door slide lock lock pin sliding bolt lock car wheel lock lock cylinder tool box wire lock. We Provide 20 for you about kobalt truck tool box replacement lock- page 1. Double door slide lock lock pin sliding bolt lock car wheel lock lock cylinder tool box wire lock. Toolbox locks are generally considered ineffective as theft deterrents, especially in shops full of dozens to thousands of tools which can disable said locks in seconds. Just thought I would update your readers if possible, that I have a website specializing in Truck Toolbox and tool box keys.

Better Built Cargo Lock KitBetter Built Cargo Lock Kit. Husky Truck Toolbox Lock Replacement. T handle, lock cylinder:Zinc Alloy Panel, shaft and stop plateStainless steel. The lock on my truck box seems to have bitten the dust. Where would I go to get a new lock? Can it be done locally or do I need to contact Husky? Thats a pretty common cylinder, take it out and take it to Home Depot, they should have one in stock.

Replacement Lock For Husky Tool Box, Replacement Lock For Husky Tool Box Manufacturers In

If you happen to misplace your Tool Box keys, you can order replacements from Dee Zee that match the key code off your lock cylinder. My truck sits outside at work all day long and now its packed full of tools, chair, tackle box, etc. The toolbox itself is made by Husky but ive searched and it seems that they do not have a website. If it is you can take the lock cylinder off the box and take it to any locksmith and have them rekeyed. New Lock For Husky ToolBox General Tool Discussion. Have a husky brand box with locks. Closed it and locked so drawers would not pop open and now it wont open up. Hook a chain to in and drag it behind your truck, Then buy a new box lol, Good luck. Double Static Paddle Handle Latch (Driver Side, Locking). 5.00 out of 5. Quantum Key Cylinder Pair (2). 6.30. Product catalogs for Husky Truck Tool Box Replacement Locks.

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