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Upon recovering from the fall, Ib will realize that she doesn’t have her rose and that Garry isn’t with her. If there are no petals present, it means that Mary has taken possession of Ib’s rose, given to her by a blue doll. After Ib finds Garry, he will insist on looking for her rose. Inside the toy box you’ll have a choice to either look for your rose first or look for Gary. The rose is on the upper left side of the area. So save it and then examine the toy box. Mary will show up and push Ib and Garry in. After you get up, you’ll have to either find your rose, or Garry. You’ll also be chased by a bunch of mannequin heads, headless statues, and dolls at some point before you get out of the toy box.

ib toybox 2Ib: A trip to an art gallery takes an unsettling turn for nine year old Ib. When the lights go out, she suddenly finds herself alone, and something is begging her to journey deeper into the belly of the building. As Garry mumbled to Ib about the box, Mary had her chance to sneak up on them, hearing the conversation. Garry cried as he was pushed down into the toy box. SCALE MODELS FOR 20TH ANN OF UNI IN 1985, ORG BUBBLE NIB.

Image shared by Hayley Dupont on We Heart It: discover cosplay, mary, and roses photos. Just wanted to draw something for my favorite rpgmaker horrorgame Ib – Toy Box. IB – The portrait of the girl and man4 years ago in Cosplay.

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ib toybox 3Toy Box Mary’s Room Dark Gallery Dungeon??? World Photos See all. Members (116). Mr. Otaku Nostalgia Pop Cutlure (Arctix Soma)’s profile photo. This is a sheet music for BGM008 from the free horror-taste adventure game Ib by kouri. Pitch is changed as in front of the toy box in the game. Toy Box. The room looked rather small once everyone was inside. IB – Mary’s toy box by Sakina666.deviantart.com on deviantART See more about Toy Boxes, Toys and Deviantart. Hi. Ib is one of my favorite video games(: Im nine years old and i don’t have much experience so please don’t judge me too hard i really tried(: I hope you enjoy my picture hehe (: Ib and Garry bel. Forgotten Portrait: (Continuing from Ib and Garry falling into the toy box and after finding each other) Garry frowned You look a little pale Ib.

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IB () link as Mary photographer: thanks and RAW IB – Mary’s toy box.