Ice Box Inventor (DIY Project Download)

Blocks of ice were stored in the top of the icebox so cold air would circulated downwards to keep the food cool. A drip pan or tap would be used to drain the melting water. An icebox is a compact non-mechanical refrigerator which was a common kitchen appliance before the development of safe powered refrigeration devices. Read a short biography of Frederick McKinley Jones, the famous black inventor who developed numerous inventions, including important breakthroughs in cooling and refrigeration. Before Jones’ invention, the only way to keep food cool in trucks was to load them with ice. In addition to that refrigerator invention, Jones also invented an air-conditioning unit for military field hospitals, a refrigerator for military field kitchens, a self-starting gas engine, a series of devices for movie projectors and box-office equipment that gave tickets and made change.

ice box inventor 2While ice caves, ice pits and spring houses and other structures have a much longer history, the commercial development of ice cooling is peculiarly American. Ice boxes appeared in English and American homes shortly after the ice trade developed early in the nineteenth century. Snow and ice, cool streams, springs, caves and cellars were long ago used to refrigerate food. At the beginning of the 19th century, ice boxes were used in England. Thomas Moore’s inventions was the first of its kind in that it allowed agricultural and fisheries products to be transported in any season under even the hottest conditions.

Ice Box Inventor Lived Sad Life. In the Bartow became one of several Southern com munities to acquire the latest in food-preservation technology: an ice house. An 1803 patent for a refrigerator (ice box) was granted to Thomas Moore and signed by President Thomas Jefferson, invited to the Moore home in Montgomery County, Md to see the new Refrigeratory. For information on the multitalented farmer and inventor, and for pictures of Thomas Moore and his home, Longwood go to the Sandy Spring Museumwebsite. It was a lead-lined, fur-insulated walnut box that kept butter cool on the way to market. Moore devised an icebox out of a cedar tub which was insulated with rabbit fur, filled with ice, and wrapped in a piece of sheet metal so he could transport his butter at a cooler temperature.

Ice House

ice box inventor 3The history of ice (part two): How one inventor helped the ice business heat up. Knew about ice boxes, but didn’t know the beginning story How fascinating! Oregon-based inventor has designed a new type of food and drink cooler (shown). The coolest cooler ever: Ice box contains all the ingredients for a party – including a fridge, a USB charger and even speakers.

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