Ideal Man’s Wardrobe (DIY Project Download)

If you own the right kit, dressing well is easy. MH’s crack team has compiled its ideal capsule wardrobe. Just mix and match these 24 items for a versatile, cost effective wardrobe. For a basic wardrobe, you can’t really go wrong with any shades of blue or gray. Navy blue suit should be in every man’s wardrobe. Go for perfect fit.

ideal man's wardrobe 2The basics are a bit like the ham sandwich of your wardrobe. Or your girlfriend’s Glamour mag. A nice T-shirt forms the perfect marriage with a jacket. It’s simple, looks good and is contagious. Boots are one of the most important items of footwear in a man’s wardrobe. High quality sneakers have become extremely popular recently, and some people slave over finding the perfect pair of sneakers. In a perfectly curated wardrobe, all of the pieces (well, almost all) should make sense together and be interchangeable. I’ve touched on this point before, and by popular request from our readers who are in the process of re-inventing their closets, I decided to update my list of 20 essential items that can serve as the basis for any well-dressed mans wardrobe. A perfect sport coat, like a perfect pair of jeans, can be worn over and over again for a multitude of occasions.

A casual jumper with a zipper and front pockets are ideal. Of course, not every man has the essential pieces in his closet. From a well-cut suit to the perfect polo, your wardrobe might be in dire need of a few pieces that can make it truly timeless. We bring you our definitive list of wardrobe basics that we think every contemporary male should own.

Back To Basics: The Guide To The (really) Essential Basics

ideal man's wardrobe 3The problem is because of a malfunction wardrobe. The ideal one should be a tailored piece with design that you really like. The fact that they are socially acceptable doesn’t make them ideal. They aren’t a centrally important peice of the man’s wardrobe, but instead just for some occasions. As some have pointed out, the basic wardrobe guide is now more than 2 years old. Whilst all the advice within it is sound and still relevant, it. Neutral colours are perfect for pairing with anything from jeans to shorts. Good guide man, it’s great that you’re contributing! One look at Kjetil and you’d understand why he’s the perfect man to curate the Scandinavian Man’s Wardrobe Capsule Collection. He’s just got it down pat. The Perfect Wardrobe is the holy grail of getting dressed stylishly. See what we’ve identified as the 15 essential items for every man;s fashion arsenal.

Rebuilding Wardrobe 101: The 18 Timeless Basics. Part 1