Ideas For Closets With Slanted Ceilings (DIY Project Download)

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This means that unfortunately my closet is slanted as well. Does anyone have any ideas for storage solutions in such an awkward space? All slant-ceiling closets present two challenges: how to hang clothes without their scraping against the ceiling, and how to use areas that can be reached only by bending. Interior Design Ideas for Beginners. Agreed who thought sloped ceilings were ever a good idea?! Reply. 9.

ideas for closets with slanted ceilings 2I love the idea of gifting a nice set of wooden hangers to friends! For example, if your closet has a high ceiling, then you can opt for a beautiful hanging pendant light.The lighting is very important here because it can change the atmosphere in a second. The truth is, whether we deny it or not, that sloped ceiling in your homes are here to stay. At the far end is the closet, with windows that face the front of the house. Check out the 18 Living Room Designs with Vaulted Ceiling to see more inspiration!

Organize your home with these popular design ideas from EasyClosets. This walk-in closet design combines open shelves, drawers, slanted shoe shelves, and ample hanging areas. Sloped ceilings can create a challenge when designing your closet, but this design shows how easy it is to accommodate an oddly-shaped ceiling. Most of the ones we see are a design mess, but with a little thought and planning closets built into sloped ceiling spaces can be both beautiful and functional. Attic spaces, or rooms with sloped ceilings, are typically used for storage. One design idea is using the knee wall for a hang rod because clothes on a hanger have a slope that can match the ceiling.

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ideas for closets with slanted ceilings 3So, when I found a walk-in closet that took advantage of a sloped ceiling I thought our next project was destined to be this. But before begging my husband to help with this new idea, I did take the time to measure and layout the space. Angled walls and ceilings present unique design challenges in closet space. Storage Solutions for a Closet With a Slanted Ceiling. Interior Design Ideas: Build Sloped Closet Under Stairs; Shelf Help: Closet System Ideas; Resources. Materials: PAX closet BIRKELAND doors FINTORP handle Description: First I have measured the space between the closet and the ceiling this was about 20 cm. The The IKEA Idea of 2015 goes to. Posts related to Ideas For Closets With Slanted Ceilings. Shower Curtain Rods For Slanted Ceilings. Shower Curtain Ideas For Tall Ceilings. Large walk in closet with sloped ceilings. Marcia Spinosa Designer for Closet Organizing Systems. Ideas for clothes storage if bonus room is my bedroom.

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Space-Saving Design Ideas for Awkward Rooms. Whether it is a small guest bedroom, a bonus room, or an unworkable closet, when it’s in your home, it can present a big challenge. With a little creativity, you can make even the most unworkable space into a living area. If part of your room is blocked by slanted ceilings or dormers, you can minimize the impact on the look of the room by painting the walls and ceiling the same color. Slanted Ceiling Closet Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor. Slanted Ceiling Closet Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor. Great closet design for slanted ceilings by aracisgon on