Identifying Wood By Grain (DIY Project Download)

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All of our products are available in a variety of woods. Its grain varies from straight to roey and its texture is fine to medium with an oily appearance. But this isn’t always the case — gum, for instance, is a hardwood that competes in price with softwoods. A more practical way to identify wood is by its grain and color. The Bible on this topic is R. Bruce Hoadley’s Identifying Wood: Accurate Results with Simple Tools, where he teaches you to ID 180 different breeds of hardwoods, softwoods and tropicals using your eyes and a loupe or microscope. Then there’s the seriously scientific way to tell wood types apart.

identifying wood by grain 2Identifying Chestnut Wood. If you examine a clean cut on the cross-section (end-grain) of a wood sample, you should be able to easily see the bands of earlywood pores that are characteristic of a ring porous wood. You would need a clean cut in order to examine the end grain properly. Identifying wood can be tough especially when you know nothing about where it came from. How to Identify Wood by Grain Patterns. With so many varieties of wood species available, positive identification of wood by grain pattern alone can be difficult.

Zitan wood can be distinguished from other types of lumber by its unique grain and its rich color. The wood continues to darken as it ages, so it’s quite natural for many antiques to look nearly black. Wood grain direction is an important quality-controlling feature of wood. It strongly affects wood strength, so much so that a 15-degree grain angle deviation can cause a 50 strength loss. Apple wood (Malus sylvestris, Malus pumila) ranges in color from yellow to pink to orange. It usually has an irregular grain, which gives it a very interesting patterns for furniture, as inlays and for marquetry designs.

Identifying American Chestnut Wood

identifying wood by grain 3Once a woodworker understands how grain direction works, milling woodbe it with modern machinery or a trusty old handplanewill become a breeze. Rookie question: help identifying wood grain direction for sanding (

How To Identify Zitan Wood