Importance Of Making Your Bed (DIY Project Download)

Making your bed each morning seems like the least of our worries to start the day. Former Navy SEAL and I Agree on an Important Habit. His mama was once a maid at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Virginia, where making beds was part of her job, but she knew the importance of making a bed way before then. There are several benefits to making up your bed. This simple task can keep your room looking neat, help you sleep better, and be more productive overall.

importance of making your bed 2Straightening up your bed in the morning prevents dirt and dust from joining you under the covers at night. This is important for those with allergies and people with pets or general city dwellers who bring in the dust of a long day. If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. I even reminded my son of the times I told him to make his bed and I said see it was important. It’s a habit that’s relatively easy to form, and helps to make way to form other habits that are beneficial. If you spend 30 seconds making your bed every morning, 20 minutes doing housework in the evening isn’t such a difficult thing to conquer.

When most of the space in your room is taken up by your bed, it is especially important to make this an ongoing habit. Just because you lack the space, doesn’t mean your standards should be lowered. During a commencement speech at the University of Texas, the commander of the forces that organized the raid to kill Osama bin Laden delivered some key advice on success. Explains Why Making Your Bed Every Day Is the Most Important Life Lesson.

Why Making Your Bed Matters

importance of making your bed 3Let’s face it, the last thing you want do in the morning is make your bed. In fact, there are a number of excuses we tell ourselves: It’s just going to get messy again. (Image credit: Flickr user Fygget)Making your bed every morning is the most dumb, useless waste of five minutes ever created. If you have kids and you’d like them to make their beds and keep their rooms neat and tidy, it’s important that you set a good example. After all, if your bed is a mess of twisted sheets and there are four pillows on the floor, they’ll simply copy you. 014 Admiral William McRaven gave this commencement speech to the Graduating class of the University of Texas. Wise words. I love this video – it is a speech by Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas in 2014. Very powerful and an insight into how the simple things make a big difference. The fact is though, making your bed is THE best way to start your day. Talk to them about how important it is to make your bed every morning and ask them to make the bed when they wake up.

Six Reasons To Make Your Bed Every Morning

How to Make Your Bed. You’ve probably heard it from your mother a million times, but making your bed every morning is a must. It makes the entire bedroom look neater and more organized, and slipping between the sheets will seem far more. Is making your bed important??? Heck yeah, it is and I’ll tell you why. Better yet, watch the video below, it is one of the most motivating and inspirational speeches I’ve ever heard. Are you a messy, unorganised person? Making your bed could be the answer to your problems. Discover why it’s so important here.