In Bed Crib (DIY Project Download)

Whether your toddler loves her crib or is eager to jump out of it at the first opportunity, at some point, she’ll be ready to graduate to a big-kid bed. When is the best time to make the transition, and how can you do it smoothly and safely? Here are suggestions from the experts. Some children, like Madison, take the transition from crib to big-kid bed totally in stride. But the move isn’t as easy for every child. Some will experience snags like sudden sleep disruptions and that’s perfectly normal for them. Get strategies from our expert about when and how to move your child from a crib to a bed, and what to do if you make the switch too soon.

in bed crib 2It’s high time for a big-boy bed. Woody, your first task in this transition is to make his room as safe as his crib used to be. This means fresh, aggressive childproofing. How to kick your kid out of your bed in the nicest way possible. Once upon a time, a friend of my sister’s graciously gave us a beautiful crib. Word had gotten out that we were poor, knocked up post-college kids living in a shoe box (only slightly inaccurate) and weeks later, a brand new crib arrived.

Transitioning a baby from Mom’s bed to a crib can be tough but probably best in the long run:. We’ve talked about the possibility of using the entire bedroom as a crib; and certainly that’s a viable backup possibility to consider. But if your kiddo is already happily sleeping in a crib, that’s preferable to them sleeping on the floor next to a closed bedroom door.

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