Infant Co Sleeping Bed (DIY Project Download)

Supporters believe that a parent’s bed is just where an infant belongs. And while the AAP advises against letting a baby under the age of one sleep in your bed, it does recommend having baby sleep in a safe crib or bassinet within your arms’ reach as a way to reduce baby’s risk of SIDS. Find out how common co-sleeping is, how to decide whether sharing a bed with your children is right for your family, and what the bed safety issues are.

infant co sleeping bed 2But, counter the co-sleeping champions, bed-sharing not only makes your baby feel safer and sleep better, it also helps you feel more connected to your baby and less shattered by night-feeding. Many parents bring their baby into their bed to sleep, but for the majority of babies this is not where they always or usually sleep. Bed sharing with an infant, or co-sleeping, has become a hot-button issue for many parents. Adding tinder to the fire, a new study has found co-sleeping to be associated with a higher risk of death, especially among infants under 4 months of age.

Co-sleeping can often be regarded as an unnecessary practice that causes issues such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 1 38 The most controversial issue regarding SIDS is whether bed sharing is a main cause, and whether it should be avoided or encouraged. That’s because co-sleeping carries increased risk of SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome. Bed sharing leads to more breastfeeding and may protect against SIDS. Attitudes and practices of new and experienced parents regarding co-sleeping with their newborn infants.

Co-sleeping With Your Baby

infant co sleeping bed 3Comfy co-sleeper is easily portable for on-the-go convenience. Thinking of sharing your bed with your baby? We explain how to co-sleep with your baby safely. – BabyCenter.