Inflatable Hammock Chair (DIY Project Download)

inflatable hammock chair 1

This inflatable furniture can be used as an alternative for a hammock or can seat 3 people (like a couch). It’s extremely comfortable, weighs only 1300 grams and can be folded to the size of a bag of crisps. If you are car camping, you can just trot your chairs out and have a sit. Inflatable. Awesome. Relax in the park, on the beach. Anywhere, anytime.

inflatable hammock chair 2The Wind Pouch is an ultra-comfy hammock without the hassle. It’s a versatile, easy to use air-filled seat and recliner that’s perfect for the outdoors. New air lounger inflates with just two scoops of fresh air. An Inflatable Lounge looks perfect for hiking or festivals.

Tents, tarps, hammocks, stoves, packs and anything else you can think of. I wonder if a (smaller) seat shape could be possible,to make it more portable. The Koz inflatable chair provides comfort anywhere you go. Not every campsite is hammock-friendly, not every beach has available loungers, and not every picnic spot has enough benches or tables to claim. Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock Pool Float Inflatable Pillow Bag Portability New. Water Hammock Swimming Pool Float Chair Inflatable Lounge Lounger Seat.


The AirLoft’s biggest innovation is a set of inflatable wings that serve as a barrier between you and the hammock’s fabric walls, but they also provide additional insulation for cold nights when your sleeping back isn’t quite cutting it. Single Ride Float Swimming Pool Floating Hammock Seat Relaxzing Inflatable NEW in Home & Garden, Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living, Pools & Spas eBay. Shop Inflatable Pool Chairs: Floats & Pool Games at – and save.

Peapod Couch Great For Festivals Or Car Camping But Unavailable To Purchase, But Essentially A Huge Dry Bag. How Can We Make Something Like This?