Inside Window Box For Herbs (DIY Project Download)

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These 11 indoor herb gardens are proof that a lack of outdoor space isn’t a setback for those who want to get gardening. So you want to grow some herbs for your kitchen garden. It turns out there are plenty of shade-tolerant herbs. If you like wooden window boxes, here are a few others to consider. (If you’re keeping your planter inside, consider investing in a small tray to place beneath it to catch water drainage).

inside window box for herbs 2Find great deals on eBay for Herb Planter in Wooden Pots, Window Boxes, and Baskets. Kitchen Window Wooden Herb Box Planter Indoor Outdoor Garden Kit Pot Plant Seeds. The sun set hours ago, and a steady, cold rain is falling. But there’s no need to put on rain gear and find the flashlight for a trip to the herb garden. I simply reach out the kitchen window for a last minute addition to our dinner salad a rain-washed sprig of cucumber-flavored salad burnet. Herbs are a popular choice for indoor window boxes because of their utility. We choose basil, which prefers full sun, but there’s a multitude of herbs out there that can thrive on a shadier sill.

This DIY Rain Gutter Window Box is a wonderful permanent indoor installation full of small succulents that make a big impact. Having fresh herbs on hand is possible at any time of year. This indoor window box is filled with popular culinary herbs that can be overwintered on a bright south-facing kitchen windowsill. Stop imagining and start planning your indoor herb garden today — Growing herbs indoors in kitchen window boxes can be done year-round!

Herb Planter: Window Baskets

Select a mounting method that allows for easy removal so you can take down the box seasonally to replant annual herbs. Indoor window boxes, which simply sit on the windowsill, need a drip tray beneath them to catch draining water. Make sure there are drainage holes at the bottom of your pots or window box and add a little gravel at the bottom of the pot to improve drainage. One of the most rewarding gardening tasks is planting and tending an herb garden. In order to have a healthy indoor herb garden you must have a sunny windowsill, potting soil, pots and seeds for your favorite herbs. You can plant your herbs in a window box, one big pot, or a bunch of little pots. And your planters can be unconventional, if you so desire — use old pieces of china, thrift store crockery, broken teacups, anything that can hold some dirt. Simplistic, ethnic style of this Rectangular Windows Box is sturdy and handmade, suitable for holding plants. Perfect for using fresh herbs and spices in your food! Take a look at these 15 indoor herb gardens to find which style works best for your space. Vertical Box Planter. Get the most out of whatever natural light you’ve got in your home and place a curtain rod across a window for the perfect place to hang those leafy greens.

Window Boxes: The Ultimate Small Space Garden

Unless light is plentiful, growth of most indoor herbs will slow or even stop during the winter, even with enough warmth. For the first-time herb grower, a visit to a nursery will yield baby herb plants that are perfect for a container, indoor window box planter, or a large strawberry pot. DIY Window Box for Herbs. A DIY Herb & Vegetable Window Box. 10 Indoor Culinary Herbs that are suitable for your window herb garden. Most herbs grow well in a bright location, such as a western, eastern or southern window.

A: Herbs and flowers spilling out of a window box can be a delight to view from both inside and outside the house. Actually, herbs can add fragrance, color, and graceful form to any container arrangement. Of course, if you have a window box these are also perfect for growing herbs indoors and create both useful and visually interesting indoor herb gardens in your house. Growing herbs indoors successfully is all about selecting the right varieties and having the right conditions to grow them. Window boxes filled with rosemary and parsley can be moved inside before freezing weather.