Install Door Jamb Before Or After Flooring (DIY Project Download)

install door jamb before or after flooring 1

Is it a good idea to wait until the floors are installed before installing the doors, or should the doors be installed first, or doesn’t it matter?. Personally, I think a nicer job can be done installing jambs after the hardwood is in with sanding done and 1 or 2 coats of finish on the floor. Do I do the door casements before or after I paint the walls? It also means you can get the fit better at the bottom of the door jambs, without needing to use a flush-cut saw to trim the jamb before you can fit a floorboard under it, or ending up with a gap between the jamb and the floorboards.

install door jamb and casing 2One thing that I’d really like to know is that after putting up drywall, ceiling, etc, what order do I do the door frame and flooring? Do I go ahead and put. We built our own house a couple of years ago, and we installed our hardwood and tile floors before installing the door frames and cabinets. Either a power jamb saw (rent) or an offset dovetail saw (buy) works fine. After the tile/lino is done, I install the baseboard – no shoe mold ever! I can make my door jambs and casing fit tight to any floor, whether it’s level and flat or not, resulting in a better fit. Base first, before hardwood flooring, is nuts. I have a new door to install to my bathroom and also need to do the tile. Question is, what is the greater pain – installing a door on top of tile + hardibacker (meaning, door jambs and such need to be cut BEFORE door will even fit in the space.

I love my doors, which were installed today, BUT, since the floors were installed first, I now have a gap or two where the new frame doesn’t cover the flooring. This has been discussed before and you will find logical arguments on both sides. The way I like to do it is hang doors first, cut Jambs, lay floor, install baseboard and then qtr round. Some doorways are parrallel to the wood, some at 90 deg others are at 45 degrees, what is the general opinion on this sorta thing, the house is behind scedule big time, should i take the time to fit the hardwood to the jamb or try to pick up the speed and get it done so the homeowner can have their new house before spring is in full bloom. In my opinion the flooring should go under the jamb and trim (not with the jamb and trim just being notched) but fully under cut. And humidy changes and can push a jamb out of its place if it’s installed in direct contact with the jamb. When floors are to go in after doors are hung (some builders insist on this), I find out the floor thickness and hang the doors up at finished floor height.

Door Frame First Or Flooring?

install door jamb and casing 3Prehung door installation requires the proper size door, the correct hand and shims. The goal is to have about one-half-inch of airspace between the bottom of the door and the top of the carpet or any finished flooring material. Before the door is installed, make sure the top and bottom of the door is painted. Use 10-penny finish nails to attach the hinge jamb of the door to the rough jamb. Should doors to mudroom be installed before or after porcelain tile floor? We will be tiling the floor of a mudroom with 4 square inch porcelain tiles. Undercutting jambs and casings just isn’t that big a deal to my thinking. How to Install a Prehung Door Tom Silva does a plumb job putting up a prehung door. My carpenters have been hard at work installing doors and casing. Cutting your own door jambs with a hand saw is the least expensive way. Laminate flooring being installed under the door jamb. After you do this, you may have to saw some pieces to make sure they all fit together. After that, it’s a simple job to set the frame in place, screw or nail it to the shims, and then shim the strike side. To avoid this problem, add a spacer under the door before you install it. Set the door frame in the opening with the jamb resting on the finished floor (Photo 2) or on a spacer.


Jamb Saws, How To Undercut door jambs. Before cutting the door jambs, make sure the floor surrounding the jamb is smooth. When using the small piece of laminate as a guide you want it to sit flat on the floor to get a nice level cut. After you make that cut use a chisel or screw driver to cut that part of the base board out. Lay the Door Down Attach the hinges to the jamb, then the door. Before and after anchoring the jamb at each point, close the door to check the gap.