Install Flush Mount Tool Box (DIY Project Download)

I got a flushmount toolbox for my truck bed from my dad. Only problem is I dont know how to put it in there. How do you keep it from sliding or. My dad bought me a flush mount truck box for Christmas. I was wondering how do you install these? It did not come with any hardware and i would prefer not to drill to the bed of the truck. Like the toolbox drawer liners. Flush mount tool box, natural silver color, for Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra crew cabs w/ 5 1/2′ beds. Why install an aluminum flush mount tool box instead of a crossover tool box?

install flush mount tool box 2A truck tool box installation is simple and can be completed yourself in just a matter of minutes. Choose from crossover toolboxes, side mount tool boxes, fifth wheel toolboxes and more. So upon opening my new toolbox for my Birthday today I find kobalt doesn’t include any kind of kit for installation and there is no mention of this. I just used one on my box to mount it. It will go completely flush with the back of my bed and it will open up all the way without hitting the back window, its just that i can’t install it flush up against the truck with the install kit that goes with this tool box, and if i use the j hooks ill only be able to get one on each side if that because the toolbox just doesn’t have good aligning with the two holes that the toolbox should go over. Also, like I said I want to mount it flush so I’m going to need some kind of spacers on the bottom.

Video DeeZee 5th Wheel Toolbox Review review and installation instructions. Wide, utility-chest-style toolbox; Brite-Tread aluminum; locking paddle handles; storage space for your belongings in the bed of your full-size truck with fifth-wheel trailer hitch installed. If you choose to mount the box permanently, you can attach these foam strips to the underside and then you use these self-tapping screws to screw the box down to the bed of your vehicle. Well I bought the flush mount tool box from Home Depot, and I went home to install it. However when I tried to set it place, it wouldn’t fit. It kept. Just installed the DEEZEE Flush mount tool chest. DZ-8546B.

How To Install A Truck Toolbox: A Guide To Tool Box Installation

Installation. Our recent expansion in the storage box category bolsters LUND’s existing aluminum box line-up offering our customers virtually any storage box product. CHALLENGER SPECIALTY TOOL BOXE View. Currently 0/5 Stars. ALUMINUM FLUSH MOUNT BOXES View. Lightweight (9); Attractive (8); Durable (8); Easy to install (6). Cons. Hello, Just picked up my UWS tool box and I was wondering since I’ll have to drill holes in the box to mount it, are there any tips or suggestions. Got the box, took some measurements, ended up putting the washer flush with the inside edge and drilled 4 holes, 4 from the front and 4 from the back, so that the washer is not touching the inside edge. The cover opens to 90 degree for maximum access using a unique offset hinge design that still allows installation flush against the truck cab. For those still unaware, the BAKBox will do for the toolbox what the BakFlip did for the tonneau cover. It is flush mount and completely invisible when installed!

Deezee 5th Wheel Toolbox Review Video