Installing A Swing Between Two Trees (DIY Project Download)

Hi all, I recently moved into a home that has two very tall trees (80 feet or so) about 20 feet apart from each other. Unfortunately neither has a branch suitable for hanging a swing from, so I am trying to figure out the best way to suspend a swing between them. I figured I would put an eye lag or j-lag into each tree and tie the rope to an O ring to hook onto it to prevent wear on the rope. This kit includes all our specialty hardware you need to build a support beam between two trees to hang a swing. If you are using a large beam and feel you want more support, you can upgrade to TAB bolts. Ideas on how to hang a wooden beam between 2 oak trees. My older sister wants me to hang a 5′ long wooden porch swing between 2 red oak trees–they are about 14-16 in diameter trunks, and about 15′ apart. In fact I do not think this is a good idea to join two trees anyways – wind movement will either damage the swing, or the trees, or both. My suggestion would be take the beam and put atop of 2 6×6’s buried and cemented in the ground about 4 feet and using almost like a mending plate of steel to drill throught and bold everything together a big 6 inch mending plate on the front of the beam and back with some half inch bolts should hold it together just fine.

installing a swing between two trees 2I want to put a swing in my yard, but I don’t want one with a bunch of pipes to mow around. There are no trees with a limb big enough at the right height. Nail a sturdy board (like a two x four or 4×4 ) between the two trees and attach your swing to that. We have had one that we put up 25 years ago and they are still living. Tree swings can provide years of fun, but it’s important to install them in a way that guarantees both your safety as well as the health of the tree. I am trying to put up my bench swing between two trees.

I want to attach a piece of wood between two large pine trees and hang a swing from that perhaps using eye bolts (although I don’t know if this will hold an adult’s weight). Let’s say I have two large trees in my backyard that are about 61 apart and 69 and 59 in diameter. Unfortunately there is no branch for a swing in the perfect place higher up between them, in fact the lowest branch is on the other side on one of the trees, and it’s about 20 feet high (I don’t. I’d suggest cypress, Eastern Red cedar or Redwood and don’t put any finish on it. I want to install one of those toddler swings in the back yard for my little girl and now my wife wants a swing too. I have two very beefy pine trees 9 feet apart that I figured I would secure a PT.

Ot: How To Attach Swing Between Two Trees?

installing a swing between two trees 3Want to make a rope swing for my son and his friends to Tarzan on. They are 65 lbs now, but will probably swing in pairs sometimes. Otherwise, sag a cable between the two trees and attach the rope to that. There has got to be a way to do what you want. Metal taps are put into maple trees to get sap. (in case two heavy adults decide to use the swing) would be best. Around 7 years ago, I put up a swing set. It was little more than a 16′ beam strung between two trees and the swings, trapeze and rings bolted to the beam and hung by chain. I have wanted to put a swing in a very tall oak tree in the front of our house for years. The two trees should sit twice as far apart as your swing is wide. They should be at least 8 inches in diameter and between 8 and 16 feet up, where you install the beam. There is one spot where there are two trees 7 feet apart, I could wedge it in there if I could figure out how. If the limb will not hold the swinging motion, then a nice 4×6 run between the two trees might work.

Swing Between Two Trees

Next with two people, carefully lift your large swing beam on one side and find a way to hold it in place, while you lift the other side of the beam. Add your swing hardware, we left plenty of space between the swings, so the kids wouldn’t hit each other swinging. I want to fix a wire rope horizontally between two trees with a T-connector in the middle of the wire rope to hang a tire swing from. What kind of connection can I use to hang the tire swing from the middle of the wire rope? The best way to attach wire to a tree is to have a tree service drill a hole straight through the limb where you want the attachment point and put in a long eyebolt. Hanging a Porch Swing Between Two Trees. A porch swing makes the perfect place to relax and read or talk with a friend on a nice day. How do I install a swing between two trees with no branches?

For a tire swing, have an arborist install a cable between two of the trees. They should be able to also install a clamp-on eye to hang the swing from.