Installing Swing Set On Uneven Ground (DIY Project Download)

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On yards that have low or gentle slopes, installing a swing set takes a little planning and some minor excavating. Use a garden spade to dig the holes for each uphill leg based on the measurements the downhill legs were elevated above the ground on blocks. The how to’s on installing a Rainbow Play Systems swing set in an unlevel backyard. Okay – we bought a wooden swing set and my husband has the main part of it constructed – for the last 2 hours he has been dragging it from one end of. My dad put our wooden swingset on unlevel land and it rocks back and forth whenever we swing too high. We’ve got anchors to hold it to the ground – which is why I’m questioning the perfectly level situation.

installing swing set on uneven ground 2Installing a swing set in your yard can provide a safe, supervised area for your children to play. Before you install your swing set, you will need to make sure the ground is level. DH and I did it – we ordered a swingset for DS. This feels like a very dumb question, but if you install the swingset directly on the ground as recommended and then add the pea gravel, don’t you lose some of the height of the swingset? We are dealing with a very annoying, uneven yard and I think that we will have to dig down about a foot. We are dealing with a very annoying, uneven yard and I think that we will have to dig down about a foot. I assume that I will have to have a wooden swingset because the ends will have to be different lengths to accomodate the slope. I’m not sure how to quantify it, but if flat ground has a zero degree drop and a sheer cliff has a 90 degree drop, I’d say our yard has a 20 or 30 degree drop. Many of the places we went said we were first have to level the yard in order to install a swingset and that just wasn’t feasible.

We’re purchasing a backyard redwood playset (20’x16′) but the location where we want to put it in our backyard is not completely level. Could we level-out the areas where the end-post goes + the area underneath the playhouse as these make-up the bulk of what sits on the ground, vs. Just purchased one of those wooden playsets for my child not looking forward to the hours of assembling it but before that I need some advice on preparing the area it will sit on. My back yard is sloped, and I ended up having to dig a lot of dirt out, and actually sit parts of the fort portion and the ladder portion in the ground. The first install was in an ornately created playground that was a ballbuster to build (multiple stumps and ground roots to remove, sloping yard which needed to be level and then a 40 x 20 foot wall of 4x4s to enclose the playground. It’s essential that a child’s swing set rest on level ground, not only so the swings move correctly, but also for the safety of those on it. Installing a play set or jungle gym, gives the gift of play to a child.

How To Level Ground For A Swing Set

malm pull out desk dimensions 3Playsystem installer, installation Big Backyard Playsets installation assembly. As for ground cover around the playset, Byrum says that resilient surfaces like mulch, rubber chips or pea gravel is always an optimal way to go. And one final recommendation Byrum makes to those preparing for a new playset is that they check for any zoning issues that would prevent a playset’s installation or mandate its size. Others level ground to prepare for new above-ground swimming pools, swing sets, driveways, sheds or patios. Some people even level the ground before planting grass seed, flowers and vegetable gardens. In 2007 we merged with the other large swingset manufacturer, Adventure Playsets of Amarillo, TX. In many cases the positions at which you install the slides and ladders are interchangeable but not always. Rocking and swaying are usually caused by uneven ground under the playset. Installation can be an all-day affair, or it can be outsourced for about 300, depending on the set. If the ground slopes then you may need to make modifications for a level surface. Most playground sets with swings, slides and other enticing features are made from plastic, metal or wood. Grass is also prone to pests, bacterial buildup and uneven spots that can increase the risk for tripping and falling.

Yard Leveling Techniques For Playset

The deck height is the distance, in feet, from the ground to the base of your playset’s main deck. The most common deck heights on swing sets are 4-6-ft. A guide to picking the perfect spot for your family’s new Outdoor Playset, including safety tips and installation guidelines. You may have to choose a smaller playset if your yard is limited by bumpy, uneven areas. For example, if you are planning on setting a playset up on a leach field, then covering the ground with padding may be a concern. I did a lot of shopping around for a swing set for my daughters birthday and when i found this one i loved the price and showed it to my mother and father because that is what they wanted to get her for her birthday. It does move a little but I believe that is because it is on unlevel ground, but I feel safe letting them play on it. This playset is part of the Straight-Base Series, so it can be installed almost anywhere–level or unlevel ground. Product comes complete as pictured.

My playsets can be built on unlevel ground. Website prices include installation and delivery.