Installing Truck Tool Box With Bed Liner (DIY Project Download)

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Keep your tools organized in the bed of your truck when you install a truck toolbox. A great addition to your truck bed, truck toolboxes make it easy to access your tools whenever you need em. Add a secure storage system to the bed of your rig by installing a truck toolbox. Then, place the box on top of the padding or bed liner. 4. Just bought a tool box off my coworker and was wonderin if you guys know how to install it with a bedliner in. Its got 4 holes, 2 on each side of the. Well I just picked up a new to me truck and I want to get a tool box for the back but when it comes to mounting it I dont know what to do. The truck has a bedliner in it and I do not want to cut it to use J hooks. Truck is a 98 silverado (if that helps) Please include pics if you have them -.

installing truck tool box with bed liner 2If not, you might think about cutting a square out of your bedliner where the bolts will go through. When i bought my tool box, i made a project out of it. i put side rails on my truck put those into the stake pockets. and put the box on top of the rails. only down side to this is that you can no longer see out the back of the truck. I don’t want to be the first smarta, but honestly, maybe you should see if a body shop or service station could install it. Do you use your truck for work? Or are you just handy and need your tools around at all times? Whatever your reason, installing a toolbox in your truck bed is a great way to ensure that your tools are never far away, while also adding to the value of your pickup. This could be a stupid question but i searched it and didnt find the answer so. How do you install a truck box with a bed liner? do I actually have. Like an over the rail tool box? if so no it comes with these little hook things that attach under the rails to help secure it.

Shop for Truck Tool Box Mounting Kit products with confidence at Parts are just part of what we do. How to Install a Truck Toolbox. If you own a truck and carry tools, chances are you know all too well what it’s like placing them haphazardly in the bed and driving off with them unsecured. Gently place the box on top of the rubber padding, foam, or bed liner. What is the best way to install a tool box that mounts flush (sort of like a low profile box vs a box that hangs over the bed rails) with the bed of the truck? I don’t have any liners but I do have a thick rubber mat made for the bed of the F250.

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Take note that the toolbox canopy and how it opens once you use it will not interfere in any way with your front bed rail or rear window. If you do not own a bed liner that covers the truck’s bed rails, you can consider using several rubber pads amid the bed rail and toolbox to safeguard the paint of your bed rail. Visit The Home Depot to buy Tradesman Truck Box. Tool & Truck Rental; Installation Services. Truck box liner keeps your stuff from sliding around in your. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Installation Preparation. Place bed liner in the truck box so that the. For example, the size and mounting style of the box determines how much room is left open in the truck bed, which in turn affects the size and type of cargo the truck can carry. Prospective buyers should know the different types of truck bed tool boxes available as well as tips for choosing the right tool box for any need. How to Install a Bed Liner in a Truck. An under-the-rail bedliner goes for 347, and it can also be used in the truck’s Ram boxes as well. Looks great with an added cross-bed tool box. Why install an aluminum flush mount tool box instead of a crossover tool box? Easy, NO DRILLING installation means these truck tool or storage boxes install in just minutes! We have the entire Challenger line of truck storage boxes, so just choose the boxes you need!Challenger Side Mount Box by Deflectashield AluminumDeflectaShield truck storage and truck tool boxes are made to fit most trucks.

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On most trucks no tools are required to remove the tail gate. It is much easier than people expect. Any shell, soft tonneau cover, hard tonneau cover, tool boxes, etc. will need to be removed from your truck bed prior to your installation appointment. Please clean out your truck bed before you arrive for installation. The one piece plastic bed liners also interfere with installation of the camper tie down system in the truck bed. I did just put a bed liner in so I am hoping that I will not have to remove it to install. I am thinking that you need to drill holes in the floor of the bed and in the front wall of the bed to install the necessary bolts to hold it down. I drilled a hole in the channel under the pass side handle and use a bolt to hold the dog box to the tool box. It is far more secure than strapping it down and the dog cannot chew through the strap.