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Mechanical engineering projects ideas topics list for students videos pdf. Fun, original, and exciting collection of project-based engineering lessons for kids. —–These project-based lessons focus on basic principles of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering. Arudh31 year agoReply. i want to make a mini project for my diploma in mechanical.

instructables electrical projects 2The seed for this project was the desire to mechanically measure specific amounts of liquid in a way that was both adjustable and easy to clean. In the past, I have used measured pour spouts on cocktail machines, and they work fine, but they are not adjustable and occasionally they just stop working. When Instructables was first launched, its focus was on mechanical devices and relatively simple electronics to handle actual home or office needs. Instructables is a website specializing in user-created and uploaded do-it-yourself projects, which other users can comment on and rate for quality. The original content focused mostly on such projects as building electronic or mechanical devices to solve common problems around the home.

It might sound funny at first, but if you think about it, a phone charger that uses only mechanical power can be extremely useful in cases of emergency, when there is no power supply for days. Check out the project’s instructables page here: This Instructable harnesses the power of Arduino, a UV sensor, and simple mathematics to make one nifty gadget sure to boost your outdoor summer fun – and. This was originally was my year 13 mechanical engineering college project, we had to research, design and build a project for a stakeholder, this including lots of recording so there. Eric Wilhelm, a young MIT mechanical engineering Ph.D. and kite surfer, is the founder of Instructables (He’s one of our 25 Makers Reinventing the American Dream). Project: The Manhattan Project Cocktail Maker.

The Manhattan Project: A Mechanical Cocktail Mixer

This was a pretty ambitious project. Over the course of a year, myself and three other mechanical engineering students designed and fabricated a complete race car chassis including the frame, suspension, hubs, spindles, brakes, & steering. Discover a collection of problem-based learning engineering lessons for building models in the areas of physics, structural, and mechanical engineering. My background in mechanical engineering has served me quite well for understanding/working in 3D printing. During their on-line application, candidates must briefly discuss a project they have completed, or are currently working on. Perhaps the most powerful resource of project ideas is the Instructables website where you could spend many hours looking through the 1000s of ideas for a suitable project!. Mechanical-based. Well, we usually don’t post simply things we find on Instructables but this is really AWESOME: this work is based on and inspired by carlbass Mechanical. Arduino Projects 1/3: an IOT Gauge with Arduino Yun and IFTTT. -CC Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering (or others) Instructables is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your diy creations.

Instructables’ 10 Diy Clean Energy Generation Projects

I would like to thank everyone for voting at Using Construx as the mechanical platform, a servo driving the action, and ioBridge controlling the system, I was to achieve the perfect pour controlled with the turning of my iPhone (using the accelerometer feedback determing the screen orientation).